December 11

10 Minute Standing Arms Workout for Beginners & Seniors w/ Stretching


Get ready to tone and strengthen your upper body with this 10 minute arm workout. All exercises are in a standing position and are set to the beat of the music which makes it fun and motivating!
Please go at your own pace if you needed and start with an appropriate size weight. I'm using two 5lb dumbbells and it's challenging. I recommend starting with lighter weights such as 3lbs. Increase your weights as you get stronger!
There is no warm up provided in this video, so please make sure your muscles are warm before starting. There is however, lots of stretching at the end that will leave you feeling great!
All exercises are also appropriate for those with osteoporosis. There is no bending or twisting of the spine and the strength training is great for building bone mass.

Thanks for working out with me!

Thank you to GXMMAT for providing my great new mat!
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