October 18

Why You Are Struggling with Overeating


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Do you feel like you cannot make weight loss progress because every attempt is ruined by overeating? There are emotional and physical drivers that keep your desire to eat alive, even after your stomach feels full. This video reveals those factors and provides you with a practical game plan to comfortably get eating under control.

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  • Ugh the embedded product ad makes me sad. Dr, I’d rather pay a subscription fee for your channel than have you sell me unnecessary products. Few people truly need store-bought electrolyte products. Save your money.

    • You can bypass the ad with a finger. Literally the easiest thing in the world to do. The Doc needs to support the channel that’s just how it works.

  • I am not at my ideal weight but it’s not because of overeating. I never overeat because I get nauseous. My problem is I enjoy carbs, so I just cut back on carbs and eat more vegetables. It’s working nicely.

  • They why 100 years ago we were a trim country? The reason why we are fat today is because we are all addicted to sugar..no “diet” or “work out” or “list” will work until you realize you are an addict ..and get off of sugars..zero sugars..

    • Get off sugar if you can’t eat sugar without binging or over eating which is most of us IMO. After 3 years of no sugar/low carb I am able to add in some honey or maple syrup to my coffee now without any affect on appetite.

  • I am going to try a intermittent fasting but I need to stop drinking sugar and that’s what I struggle with! Help me please can you give me some advice please!

    • I have the same addiction to that stinking sugar. I find if I eat more fat it stops the craving. This is what Dr. Becky has said. Eat more fat. It has helped tremendously. You can do it…good luck on your journey!

    • I drink club soda or Perrier sparkling water. I add lemon and a sweet n low. Taste like soda. I also drink water and sugar free ice tea the same way.

  • Can confirm this is all true. I made the switch to LC/Keto after 20 years of struggling with my weight. Severe pain from arthritis in my hip & knee forced me to try something different. It worked. Lost weight, 95% of the pain gone, appetite under control, maintained for 4 years this Christmas. Thanks to Dr. Gillaspy & many others in the low carb/keto/carnivore space I have my life back. Thanks so much Doc!😘

  • At 71, all I care about is eating KETO, and choosing what I want to eat to enjoy food. Two meals a day and 18 hours fasting. Four ounces of grass fed hamburger, salmon, pork, chicken, lamb OR liver. I walk as a form of exercise, on daily basis. I drink green tea, herbal tea, Earl Grey tea twice a day with half and half, and I drink water. I eat a small piece of 85% dark chocolate every once in a while. I eat full fat cheese once a day. I add seeds to salad, I eat sauerkraut every day, and I add Bulgarian full fat yogurt and EVOO, olive oil to my salad. I eat KETO approved vegetables. I only eat berries, for fruit. When I “cross the line”, I make fried GREEN plantains in avocado oil. I add sea salt to food, or Himalayan salt. NO sweeteners of any sort. == I AM HAPPY AND PLEASED WITH THESE DECISIONS AND FOOD CHOICES…

  • Thank you Dr Becky I love your game plan and the four clear points. These are fundamental to a daily healthy lifestyle which will sustain us. I have heard varied versions of these over the years from Weight watchers as well as weight loss/nutrition coaches. We begin each day with a choice to live healthy and always remember nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels!! God bless you, thank you for faithfully bringing us this content. Just what I needed today to keep my motivation going and stay on track! 🙏❤️

  • I would love to buy the LMNT but I am Very sensitive to Citric Acid, and I looked up LMNT online and it contains Citric Acid. I am not eating/drinking anything with Citric Acid in it. 😒 Any suggestions? (You’d be surprised how many foods contain Citric Acid – almost anything with flavor added)

  • Thank you Becky. I follow your channel closely.
    Don’t have much success with weight loss … I live alone, and just could not be bothered most times to cook properly 😅.
    I also crave sugar/carbs so bad that at times I get into my car and drive to nearest store to buy chocolate or ice cream 🙈

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