December 13

What’s Coming in 2023! 💛


Can’t wait to see you every day in 2023 with all-new Shorts content!
#menopause #mindsetcoach #weightlosslifecoach #weightlossover50 #changeyourmindset #menopauseweightloss


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  • That is so nice. Struggling here, breast cancer 8/5. Lumpectomy and 20 radiation treatments. Done 11/30. Ready for 2023!

  • I may be MANY years away on reaching 50, but my mom and I do love your moderate workout series. It’s gonna be quite a challenge to post 365 shorts in one year, but I can hardly wait to share them all with my mom when it starts! 🙂

  • I sure hope you will be doing the exercise videos! I love them! Joined Patreon to support your content 😊 Happy Holidays ✨☃️✨

  • Thank you, Pahla!! I’ll certainly be tuning in! Mindset is so important! I have been teaching it to elementary school children for years!! Can you please share what you will be doing for workouts for yourself in the coming year? I would love to know. I love what you’re doing. I add in your workouts as a supplement to what I already do, so I have not done them all, but I look forward to going through them slowly. Thank you again!! 

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