December 13

Enjoy the Holidays AND Stay Keto


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High-carb foods are hard to avoid. They are in every aisle of the grocery store and featured on restaurant menus. When the holidays hit, avoiding them gets even more challenging. If you follow a low carb or keto diet, you don’t have to boycott the holidays. You just need some practical ways to navigate through them. This video shares ways to enjoy a few splurges without ruining your diet.

Chocolate Salt Smoothie Recipe
1 scoop favorite protein powder
1 LMNT Chocolate Salt
1 handful spinach
½ -1 avocado
1-2 cups almond milk
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1 Tbsp almond butter

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  • I do not wish to find the 110 pounds that I lost in a little over 12 months. That is why I wish to stay on track, that is my big why ! Thank you Dr Becky Gillaspy.

  • The reason I stay on track is I lost 100lbs 3 years ago and I had psoriasis and I wanna maintain my healthy lifestyle I’m more low carb than keto though only eating around 50 carbs sometimes 60 a day and I also do a 2 meal a day with 18 hours of fasting . The lifestyle change not only got me down to my healthiest weight but also helped my psoriasis .

  • I lost 51 pounds back in 2018 on a keto carnivore diet after gaining an astronomical amount of weight during menopause. Every holiday season I am thankful for the supportiveness of my family. They always make sure that there are dishes there that I can enjoy. But with going to other houses and events, I go through an inner Monologue, lol I tell myself how good I feel ….how much better I have felt the last couple of years ….when I look in the mirror before I go out I like the way I look in my clothing. I meditate on these points before going to these events. I also bring snacks in my purse. Believe me there’s been several times where I have hidden in the stall of the ladies bathroom eating a small portion of nuts, so I would not make a reckless decision due to hunger. You can find a way!! 🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎄

  • Well ive been keto now for around 6 years. I have 1 brother and “had” 1 sweet sister that i lost last Dec on my birthday. She was a full blown diabetic died of heart attack suddenly. My brother is in same shape. Hes on tons of meds plus 2 insulin shots a day. He can barely walk from his bed to bathroom to kitchen. Anyway seeing these health issues keeps me motivated. Im 68 and as of right now not on any prescription meds. Im 5 foot 2 weigh around 135 thanks to keto/ eating healthy. Passing up holiday sweets is no problem for me. I usually always fix myself what i can eat and take to family gatherings. I cannot lie it hasnt been easy all these years but ive weathered that storm. I thank God everyday for leading me down this path. I also thank God for utubers like you Dr. Becky.

  • Firstly, to support my hubby, secondly, to keep my energy stable so I’m not a sleepy grouch to my family for hours, and thirdly, because it’s the best therapy for my lymphedeama.

  • Why, no stomach aches. No inflammation. No pain! Low carb eating deletes all these for me. I no longer look at sweets as a treat. I prefer a wonderful cheese!

    • I so agree. I had a bowl of spaghetti last week and the pain was so bad I said never again. Went to a Christmas part this past weekend and eat the dinner the host made (was very good) but my body rejected it the next day. So after those two times its very easy for me to stay on track.

  • My long, slow recovery from cancer & its treatments resulted in a BMI of over 30% and being overweight is a risk factor of living as a “cancer survivor.” My weight is coming off slowly but it IS coming off! My medical providers are supportive ❤ I AM motivated to stay on track! Kudos to all of those in this community who have become healthier and choose that path every day! Happy Holidays to everyone and especially Dr Becky 🎄🎉

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