February 12

What I eat to MAINTAIN my weight (for women over 50)


Literally the exact same foods I ate when I was losing weight, in portions that make sense for my goal.


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  • You’re so right!!
    Portion control is the key.
    I had to admit though, sometimes I made an oopsie, like instead of 1//4 cup ( serving size) of Nature Valley crunchy oats and Dark chocolate chunks , it’s usually 1 cup that I take.. I sometimes put it with 1 cup of lactose free yogurt.. Luckily I don’t do all the time.. Soo yummy though!😊😋💛❤

  • I love this ❤❤❤
    I’ve tried the restrictive diets & can’t keep them up long term. My mom does the cancer diet now but she’s always gone from one diet to another. I guess it works for her because she’s always been thin & fit. I can’t do it like that!!

  • I’ve been doing so well since the beginning of the year, but the scale is not my friend. At one point I thought I lost 5 pounds, and now it’s only 3. 😳 I know I need to have patience, but it’s so HARD! Wondering if my chosen calorie goal of 1600 is too much, or not enough …. Dunno. So I guess after 6 weeks it might be time to change something? I do awesome working out moderately everyday, and for the most part sticking to the 1600 calories. The water is “okay”; not perfect but I’m getting there. The self-loathe (I mean LOVE 😮) is okay; had to put my buddy Fenway down 3 weeks ago so I’m sure that isn’t great for cortisol.

    Or maybe I should just stick to what I’m doing because I’ve had a little progress? So many questions. So many choices! 😅

  • This makes so much sense to me. Remember when I mentioned during one of your Friday Q+A sessions about my relative who went on the Blood Type Diet that was very restrictive? Guess where that went. 🙂

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