December 31

TRAILER: Lose Weight for the Last Time with the Get Your GOAL Podcast


Ever since menopause came crashing into your life, nothing seems to work for weight loss anymore. You’ve tried eating less, moving more, and even that “three-day detox” nonsense. But have you tried changing your mind?

Losing weight is actually pretty simple, and it always comes down to two things. Number one, believing that you can, and number two, eating in a slight caloric deficit over time.

My zone of genius is helping you with the belief piece.

In my 20s, 30s, and 40s, I gained and lost weight half a dozen times. But in my 50s, I lost weight for the last time by changing how I think about myself, my body, and menopause.

I'm your host, Pahla B, and I created this podcast to share what I know about weight loss mindset, so you can break free from your diet mentality, learn to trust and love yourself and your body unconditionally, and finally live the delicious life you deserve.

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