December 31

Are You REALLY Ready to Lose Weight?


It’s almost the first of the year, and literally everybody is talking about “New Year, New You!” But how do you know if you’re actually ready to make the deep, foundational change of losing weight for the last time? I’ve got a couple of checklists to help you know for sure, so let’s dive in!

Wanting, wishing, and hoping you can lose weight this year is very different from actually being READY to lose weight. In this week’s episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, we’re chatting about the “red flags” that indicate you’re not ready, as well as the signs that all point to “let’s go!”

There are plenty of coaches and online gurus who urge you to lose weight quickly with extreme measures, but I’m here to share my wisdom on permanent weight loss, which starts with your mindset.

If you’ve got a weight loss goal for 2024, this podcast and The 5-0 Method are the best place to start. Download the free guide and listen now so you can get your goal.

Helpful Timestamps:

00:00 List of signs indicating you're not ready.

05:10 Disgust doesn't drive weight loss effectively.

07:00 Yearning for the past may hinder progress.

11:31 Be kinder and gentler to yourself during menopause.

16:18 Be patient with your body's changing timeline.

17:28 Real change begins in your brain first.

21:30 Free weight loss mindset guide for women.

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