December 5

This at-home WALKING workout helps you LOSE WEIGHT over 50 | 5PD #61


Ready to WALK off the weight, with a fun, no repeat workout? Then I’ve got just the thing for you today! With over 2000 steps and a variety of low impact cardio moves, this weight loss workout is a perfect start (or middle, or end) to your day.

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No equipment needed, no jumping, and no transitions to the ground with this moderate full-length workout. When you’re ready, I’m ready – let’s go!

Snag these soft and comfy ALONG FIT capris (affiliate link):

Interval timer is set for one minute of WALKING and 30 seconds of LOW IMPACT CARDIO (exercises listed below); there is NO REST and no repeat.


Clackers (Front Kick Clappers)
Pop a Squats
Upside Down Jacks
Dancing Xs
Swimming Frogs
Ding Dongs
Speed Skaters
Middle Skips
Kick Jacks
Washing Machines
Chicken Wing High Knees
Toy Soldiers

Walking + Tiptoe Ski Jumps



Thanks for working out with me, and remember to SHARE the video. See you tomorrow. 💛


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❤ Pahla B – your BEST (middle-aged) fitness friend! ❤


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  • Yay! I was so excited to see this video this morning! I have been working backwards from 60 lately. It’s been fun to redo other workouts, but I am ready to do a new one!

  • Loved today’s workout 💪 I can say, truthfully, I have done every single workout every day of this year.. I can’t believe this is the last set of 5.. 😱 I am 52 and fully into my menopause.. Exercise has helped me so much, mentally and physically xxx 💛🐝

  • CLACKERS!❤. Loved the helpful thought too. I am on my own glorious track and I’m going to enjoy it. Keep going 🐝

  • I don’t know how you exercise and talk so fast at the same time! I’d be so out of breath and worn out if I did this. YOU are in amazing shape to be able to do so!😆👏❤️👍🐝

  • Heart pumping fun! These workouts bring so much joy to my mornings, which have been really tough lately. I get a body, mind, spirit boost, and feel empowered afterward. Super thankful for these classes!

  • Oh you know me😉 I trust in my track 💯 because I’ve learned it always leads me to where I’m supposed to be as long as I am consistent on being my best self❤
    Thank you for the fun walk this morning Pahla😊

  • I enjoyed the workout and the talk. You lay things as they are, much less complicated from what our an helpfull thoughts offer- and we might be tempted to adopt i am so proudly on track with me- I am!!! Yay for me. No, I do not conrol how others behave, but I guide myself through the good and the rough. This month will be 58. You bet, I am on track! I know who I am andcwhat is important for me- my job to have a well lived life- daily.

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