February 2

There are NO bad foods??


YOU have the power to change the way you think about food (even while you're losing weight)! Download The 5-0 Method to learn more:


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  • Self love for me means having foods on hand that I like and make me feel good/energetic/and don’t trigger cravings. Had very hard time at the end of the month with feeling hungry even though I hit calorie target. Will be tweaking things this month.

  • I like the thought that food is not good or bad. I also agree that we can eat some not healthy foods sometimes because we like them. However, it would not be healthy to eat your daily allotment of calories consisting of all junk food. It is misleading to say losing weight is fine if you just eat what you like.

  • Metabolism is a real thing. The gut microbiome affects weight way more than ppl understand, all the science of the last 15 years shows this to be true. Skinny ppl, of which I was one most of my life, (I have an extra 5 pounds I struggle with now) don’t understand this phenomenon at all.

  • Okay but the issue is I can’t just eat one oz of cheddar jalapeno Cheetos which would be what fits into my calories I have to eat the whole bag

  • avoid the chemical processed foods 99 percent. eat healthy 80 percent. make the treat all natural ingredients 20 percent.

    it’s like a paleo, keto, Mediterranean fusion.

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