July 11

The Easiest Diet Mistakes to Make [Weight Loss]


When you set out to change your diet, obstacles pop up from start to finish. I have seen a lot of diet mistakes over the years and made many of them myself. Whether you are having trouble getting your diet off the ground, finding it hard to stick with it, or worried about gaining weight back once you’ve reached your goal, this video will help you see that you’re not alone – and that may be just the motivation you need to stay on track.

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  • Is turmeric good to use for a heart patient please let me know. and May God continue his blessings up on you and your family at all times hallelujah

  • Thank you Dr. Becky! I’m getting teased about how much lighter I look. (I’m grinding up almonds and sprinkling on my high fibre cereal.)

  • Iv been using the faster way to fat loss program it’s been great. Mon Tue low carb! Intermittent fasting. Heavyweight Sat… hitt 1 and yoga 1 day.

  • Thank you for this information. I find it easy to start a diet but after a couple of days, I think why bother! I’m 20kgs overweight and do need to do it for my health. So, this time, I’ll really try! ❤️❤️❤️

  • This entire video describes my journey to carnivore. Went there to avoid all the choices, pitfalls, analysis that comes with trying to mindfully make a diet. I never intended to stay all meat, but so far ( at 3 years ), not only have I found no need to add anything back, I just simply do not desire to. I understand this route is not for everyone, but reducing the diet down to a basic, known elimination diet and spending 3-4 month adapting to it is, I believe, well within the scope of what most can do with willpower alone. I do believe it does take willpower to change. However, once adapted, there is no reason one cannot start experimenting with what they want to add back for variety, taste, satisfaction, etc. Once the nutrition is more complete and the body is satisfied that you are supplying it, the cravings and temptations seem to get better almost universally. I will say though, sugar specifically took me well over a year to get away from, and it took another year to get to where I don’t want any even when I know I could just have a bit and it would be fine. Whatever way one tries, hope it works out for you. Happy health!

  • I have been watching your low carb video’s. For 4 weeks i have been doing low carb basically eating same foods I usually eat nothing new just eliminating the carbs. I have developed this itchy sensation on my upper body no rash just itch. Is this keto related do I have to eat more carbs I hope you can help

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