March 9

Should you WEIGH or MEASURE to check your progress?


Check your progress with LOTS of numbers! Free tracking pages are included in The 5-0 Method:


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  • I prefer tracking how I feel, how my clothes are fitting and quality of food that I am eating. I’ve learned that scales are triggering for me and puts me in an unhealthy mind space.

  • Still figuring out how to improve my Vo2Max. Does that naturally improve as overall health improves or is there something specific?

  • I’ve lost and kept off 40+ pounds with your 5-0 method and today I had a check-up. I’m 62. My blood pressure was 122/71 and my doctor was super pleased about it. Me too. Thanks Pahla.

  • I Love the data – when I get on the scale each morning it’s more out of curiosity and data gathering rather than the dread I used to feel (and I’m still a way off my goal). It was a real switch in mindset when I got to that

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