November 14

Resistance Band Workout // All Standing Full Body Exercises for Building Strength


Welcome to this all standing strength workout using a resistance band!
This 25 minute full body workout incorporates low impact joint friendly exercises that use the resistance band to gain strength.
Resistance bands are joint friendly and great for building bone density and easy to modify for your level of fitness.
I'm using a long resistance band with handles in this workout. A stretchy band without handles such as a theraband would work well too if it is long enough.

After a warm up, all major groups of the body will be worked in a standing position. All the exercises are low impact and are great for improving posture, cardiovascular health and building muscle mass. The workout is complete with stretches in a standing position.

Thanks for working out with me and please let me know how you like the workout in the comments!

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  • I love your workouts, both for myself and for the inspiration I get when I teach my senior fitness classes. I know your workouts are often labeled “senior” or “beginner” but there are many of us out here over 40 who just don’t want to do that high impact wear and tear on our joints and spine. Workouts like this are useful and should be promoted for anyone looking to stay active and mobile. Thank you!

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