December 12

Put 5% More Effort Here & Get 50% More Weight Control


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Patterns, habits, and routines, no matter how we label them, your brain loves them. These repeated actions save your brain effort, so it is constantly looking to form them. In fact, the more actions that you can turn into subconscious habits, the less energy you must put toward thinking through basic behaviors. The problem is that this habit-forming part of your brain doesn’t judge your actions as good or bad. If you do an action over and over again, your brain says, “Hey, let’s turn that into a habit.”

There is a way to step out of these "bad" habitual behaviors, and it is surprisingly simple. In this video, I share how putting 5% more effort into your awareness can get you 50% better control over your weight.

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  • How does Dr. Becky know what I need to hear? I do eat by habit sometimes. Unfortunately awareness is hard to come by!Thanks, Dr. Becky!

  • Dear Dr. Becky, thank you so much for all the good advice and encouragement! Since following you on YouTube, I have begun to use LMNT daily for hydration and electrolyte replacement: down 40 pounds, A1C and fasting insulin both now in the normal range!!! Going to continue implementing these life style changes and watching your videos ☺!

  • Replacing my nightly tea (with cream and honey) with Element hot chocolate may help me create a healthier habit. I know I get heavy handed with both the cream and honey wanting a hot, sweet fix.

  • I’ve never tried LMNT hot, just water, so I stick to the lime flavor. I think I would like to try the Chocolate Mint in a cup of afternoon coffee to see if it’s a replacement for peppermint mochas that I gave up a long time ago.

  • Since watching your videos I have learned a lot and I’m losing weight, thank you. I have not yet tried LMNT and plan on getting some soon.

  • My husband frequently has hot chocolate as a “nightcap” and it makes me feel left out—not a good feeling for maintaining my keto resolve. A bit of chocolate LMNT in hot milk sounds like a great solution to my dilemma. Thanks.

  • What people need is disciplined and will power with awreness .I do healthy Keto, IF and OMAD. It solved lot of issues . I still have coffee with cream and little Bourbon in evening.

  • Love this one! One change at a time can add up. I now drink my coffee black after gradually reducing the cream, I realized I didn’t miss it. Thank you for your videos, Dr. Becky!

  • I love hot chocolate in the winter. It would help me tremendously to stay away from the sugar to use LMNT chocolate flavors instead.

  • I would love to try the chocolate in my almond milk at night as you mentioned for a treat I’m trying to get my potassium level up I think this might. Thank you for your videos I do enjoy

  • I love the idea of having a cup of LMNT chocolate after dinner. You get something for your dessert craving, you can sip it while you get busy with something besides eating, and your electrolytes get a boost. So many wins!

  • Thank for always having these wonderful tips to help people in there life . Having a lot of trouble with not eating a snack before bedtime. Love this tip on the chocolate drink element! Thank you❤😊

  • I love the grapef 6:42 ruit cold. I would definitely try your idea of the chocolate in warm unsweetened almond milk. Thanks for the idea.

  • I have just started on the keto/intermittent fasting journey. I gained a lot of weight after my cancer surgery(hysterectomy) 4 years ago and am trying this. I think using the lmnt in the winter mornings will help my fasting times to curb cravings and and get me through till I break my fast at lunchtime. I would love to win some, but will order now.

  • Thank you Dr Becky for your fabulous advice! I have learned so much from you and look forward to your videos. I learned about LMNT from you and could not be happier with their product. I hope I can win the chocolate flavors and try it HOT.

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