January 29



Listen to what you're saying to yourself after you step on the scale. More advice like this when you download the 5-0 method at getyourgoal.com


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  • Scale anxiety is called Gravitophobia. I learned this in school. I learned that weighing every day or often may lead to unhealthy eating habits and skipping meals just to see if the scale moves. What I was told is to weigh once a week and take notes. Again meditate, writing down your feeling emotions, and communicate helps with this.

  • Im learning not to weigh my self too much. I think I might have what the person commented first that what I might have. Gravityphobia. I did lost about 24 pounds in 2 years.
    I didn’t know there was such a word.
    I just need to relax. My big sister even said Im addicted to the scale and my youngest daughter gets annoyed when I weigh myself and record it on my food journal when ever I go to bathroom. I decrease it from 8x to 4x.. Its hard to avoid it. My big sister told me to bring it out of hiding on the first of the month.and let your clothes be the sign. Its a big hit and miss.
    True I have gone down from size 22 to size 20 and soon it feels like I could get in a size 18.💛😊🌻

  • If you haven’t seen everyday life with ChaCha I would highly recommend it. The post where she is quitting WW. I seriously thought losing weight would CURE health problems but apparently NOT. Don’t be switching out losing weight for 97 different problems some of which might be irreversible health issues. Get blood work done to make sure your cholesterol and sugar levels are all normal. Take care of your health.

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