January 23

Most Nutrients In Foods DON’T Make It Into Your Body – Here’s Why


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While it’s important to know which foods are high in nutrients, it’s not enough. You also have to consider how much of what you eat is actually making it into your body.

There are things about you and things inside of foods that block or enhance vitamin and mineral absorption. This video will go over how you can get the most out of the foods you eat and explain how food choices and food preparation affect the availability of nutrients.

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  • I have to be honest. I’m having a hard time with the sponsors for this channel (as well as some others). I understand that the influencer needs to make money for their hard work, but it takes away some of my trust in someone giving me health/nutrition advice. Almost 3 minutes of the 8+ minute video is the commercial. I’m going to head off some criticism and say, yes, that’s just my personal feeling, and others may not be bothered by it. I’m just putting it out there.

    • I don’t think Dr. Becky would accept sponsorship from any company she does not believe in 100%. It is a matter of character – I know there are people who will promote anything for a buck.

    • Thank you for your reply, jvshore! I understand the comment from tbryan regarding sponsorships. I only endorse products that I personally use from companies that I respect.

    • I only have trouble with influencers that push rather than promote products.
      I struggle when I am led to feel I cannot be successful without their supplements. I’d be bankrupt because they are pricey.

      I feel Dr. Becky suggests but does not push her sponsors products.

    • Some influencers don’t include commercials at all. In general, makes me think videos are designed around commercials, not the other way around. Not a criticism of Dr B specifically, she’s great.

  • I am 54 and was vegan but discovered that my body was not absorbing nutrients optimally because my hair began to excessively shed, so I added some quality animal-based protein into my diet and am now thriving. I avoid all ultra-processed foods and added sugar. The Vegan Community seems to dismiss this concept of non-bioavailability found in plants, and I wish this wasn’t the case, as it can be both confusing and frustrating. What I find to be best is the elimination of ultra-processed foods and added sugar. If we all did this, then so many people would be a lot healthier and happier. Your channel offers a commonsense approach to achieve optimal health. I wish more channels were like yours, but if that were the case, the extremists might lose popularity and income. Thanks again for keeping it real! ❤

  • Thanks Dr. Becky for this video. I had never considered bioavailability before. I just thought all the whole foods I ate were fully helping me. Do you think taking apple cider vinegar regularly would help with this?

    • Apple cider vinegar has benefits. However, I have never come across information stating that it increases the bioavailability of other foods.

    • @@beckygillaspy Oh…I just thought regular use would promote acidity in the stomach which in turn would help to better break down food so the vitamins could be absorbed better. I’ve heard older people have less stomach acid, and harder to absorb nutrients.

  • Dr. Becky, your videos are sounding more and more like commercial advertising, as time goes on. I’ve enjoyed your content over the years, but I am unsubscribing this morning and wanted to provide rationale for my choice.
    Thank you for what you’ve given the community for the last several years. All the best to you, your husband, and your channel going forward!

  • This is why having a balanced diet is important. So many people want to just consume a miracle superfood to gain all the nutrition they need, but the key is to balance your diet with different types of food because, like you said, other foods that you consume can help you take in nutrients that your body otherwise wouldn’t be able to take in.

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