April 4

Lose Weight by Eating MORE and Snacking LESS


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The most common question I get starts with these three words, "Can I have." Nine times out of ten, the question is about a snack, and the underlying question is can I lose weight and still eat – fill in the blank.

We live in a world where snacks are available everywhere, so it is understandable to wonder which snacks are okay when weight loss becomes a focus. However, even the healthiest snack can undermine your weight loss progress. This video explains why and shares how tweaking your eating pattern, so that you are eating more at mealtime and snacking less, can give you the weight loss edge you're looking for.

Low-Carb Food List:

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  • I have seen many videos of people over 100 years living relatively healthy that are vegan or predominantly whole plant based diet.Are there examples of 100 year old (or even 90 and above) healthy keto dieters?

    • I’ve seen the opposite people that eat everything that is healthy including meat, eggs and butter living to 100 and the only vegetarians I know they’re always moody is like the women vegetarians have their period almost everyday and by the time they get to 50 they’re thin but their face is all sucked in no collagen no cheeks, I’m like eat some meat woman you need some animal protein pea protein is not doing the job, is like they have a nice thin body but their face looks 70 and they’re only 50.

  • Is it OK to drink coffee with a little heavy, whipping cream no sweeteners between meals or does that count as a snack?

  • Thanks for putting this into words. Most of us know that this is what it takes but it isn’t easy. I’m going to challenge myself to stop the unhealthy snacking and eating. I’m premenopausal and losing weight is more challenging these days. Thanks for this reminder to just keep it simple…😊

  • If one wants to eat clean and stay hydrated during long haul flights (7 hours to Europe in May) and (29 hours of flights to Australia)….are these too much potassium etc for those monitoring them for healthy kidneys.

  • I eat a pretty big breakfast and a decent size dinner my lunch however because I’m working at that time is usually just a quarter cup of nuts, a celery stick or two or a few carrot stick and maybe a few pork rinds,I wonder if this is considered snacking, but I noticed that when I skipped having lunch altogether the next day I’ll gain 3 pounds, so the next day I’ll have my snack lunch again and the very next day I’ll lose the 3 pounds I gained, is like intermittent fasting doesn’t work for me.

  • Hello Dr. Becky. I’m a regular viewer of your videos. I usually eat Keto OMAD at 2:00 to 3:00 pm and my glucose avarages 110 for the whole day, it is always between 90 and 120, usually never falls below 90!!! My OMAD meal consists of leafy greens: Broccoli, Spinach, mushrooms, arugula; Lean Meat, Chicken Breast, Chicken Liver and 3 Eggs. My HbA1C is 5.5, so I am not diabetic , but am surprised why my glocose reading usually never falls to 80 even before eating my OMAD lunch.
    So, I put on the FreeStyle Lebre 2 CGM to see what is happening and decided to see what will happen if I ate Honey, which I never do, I was surprised. If I took 2 tsps of honey at 7:00 pm, my glucose readings, after rising up to 170, falls down rapidly to bellow 60 and sometimes reaches 54! What is happening?!

  • I have a nice eating schedule. To succeed I gave up grazing and food roaming. With a low carb diet I do not get hungry. I eat two meals a day and quit eating at 5pm. I never thought I could give up snacking. Yet the joy of weightloss is stronger then night time chewing.

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