October 19

Lift More, Lose More, the Weight Training Advantage | Flipping 50 TV Episode 12


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Debra’s strength training for weight loss science and exercise. Lose more fat and inches fast and permanently with weight training protocols that work. The schedule, the weight, the technique you need to find the shape and energy you want. Watch this episode to make the most of your exercise time.

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  • You are the “BOMB” I learn something every time i watch one of your videos! You have changed my life for the best! Keep it going girl!

  • Question: It’s so overwhelming for a beginner to choose the right workout… Please help where do I begin??

  • I have been looking for a channel like this for a while now. I began training at age 52 (4 years ago) and became fitter and leaner than I had ever been. Unfortunately I have had a gap of 6 months, due to serious illness, but am now returning, hoping to regain my muscle tone and strength. I have been told my fitness strength have aided my recovery. Great channel, blog etc.

  • I really enjoy these helpful videos!  I have recently (Oct 2016) experienced a grade three MCL and meniscus tear as a result from a dog park injury.  I am recovering and since that accident am wondering hat I can do to keep my legs in shape as well as keep up with my cardio.  It seems like spinning class and the elliptical are my two choices for now.  Jogging is not an option until I heal more.  I also participate in body pump classes two days a week.  I am 55 and am not willing to live a sedentary lifestyle just because I had a set back.  Do you have any more ideas for me to stay fit?

    • I just started cardio running at a slow pace and have been lifting my 5 pound weights to firm up. I’m looking for a 1600 calorie everyday eating plan to loose weight. Nothing fancy. Eggs salad meat nuts but can find this 1600 calorie plan with everyday food. I don’t want to have to buy a spice or other foods my family won’t eat. Can you help me?
      Thanks so much.

  • hi i hate doing aerobics but I noticed my blood pressure dropped do you know if i change out to do more weight training which id rather do keep bld pressure down too thanks 🙂

  • I’m 54 and I have problems with my thighs know as cottage cheese thighs. Do you have an exercise for that? I want my legs nice and toned like yours. 🙂 Please help! Thank you in advanced. 🙂

  • Info about exercise was new to me & makes sense. My challenge is living w/chronic illness, & exercising w/o over doing it and causing debilitating incapacitating pain for 24 or more hours afterwards. Thank you.

  • Thanks so much! I’ve been looking for such a video like this. My question is, can you tell me exactly how to balance the proper eating combination with proper exercise and still go lighter and leaner.

  • Hi!!! I am a fan of yours.
    I am 52. Single mom. Love to dance and presently teaching ZUMBA. From 3XL my shirt size down to Large. But my problem is my arms still look bad…BAT WINGS… WHAT ARE THE BEST EXERCISE THAT I NEED TO DO. I am using 6 lbs dumbbell to do some arm workouts.

    Help me please… Thank you.
    God bless you more.

  • I’d love to weight lift but with covid a gym isn’t possible. can I do this at home with with hand or body weight?

  • I have trouble knowing how much to eat to start to build muscles to help with the loose skin I have after losing a heap of weight.

  • Hi. My name is Jeanette and I’m 50 years old. I started a keto diet and Intermittent fasting and I lost close to 20 lbs. however, the fat that I’ve lost, has been mostly on my legs, which is not ideal, since most of the fat I retained is on my stomach. Bottom line is, I want lose my stomach fat and gain muscle on my legs. I’m really confused on what to do. Some videos on YT say I should start eating more protein and use weights to exercise, but my concerns is that I’m going to gain back the weight, if I stop doing keto. I don’t want to undo all the weight that I lost. I’m 5’3” and I weight 132 lbs.

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