October 19

20-Minute Strength Workout for Menopause | Women Over 50


20-Minute Strength workout!
Yes! When days are busy, time is short, consistency and major muscle group stimulation is a girl's best friend. Don't skip… improvise. This 20-minute strength workout for menopause women over 50 is just what hormone balancing ordered.
I choose to limit the exercises to focus on major muscles for the biggest metabolism boost.
I don't mess around with small muscles (they're working in the secondary role) because keep in mind…. focus on small muscles without a boost in your metabolism is not going to reveal any muscle tone.
You'll be onto the rotation very fast.
a lower body – squat or lunge or a ball bridge or ham curl would do
a back exercise – a row or pullover
a chest exercise – a chest press (preferred) or fly (single joint is less effective)
Do each for approximately a minute. Choose a weight that allows that but you're reaching fatigue on near the end.
Stay focused on good form and technique. Quality over quantity.
Here we go… what you need:
a pair of dumbbells and you may want a couple sets in case to adapt as needed
a spot to lay on the floor or a bench (if you struggle to get up and down)
So here's what I'd love…. lmk:
did you do it?
are you saving it?
did it work for you?
anything you needed to modify?
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  • This is just what I needed! I can talk myself out of 30 or 40 minutes, but I can always make time for a 20-minute workout.

    • I just have 10# and make them work at home by either using power, or going slow (not today) to reach fatigue, or using other tricks (I’ve used #10 at home for years and you can make anything work). In a longer workout I might use my heavy kettle bell and hold with both hands for greater resistance. But in a quick have-to-go-to-the-airport workout like this… I just use one set and go to work!

  • I have adrenal issues…so am recommended to not exercise for longer than 20 minutes, so thus is perfect for my situation
    …I lost 40lbs before this hormone hell came by exercising only 15-20 minutes most days of the week!

  • I LOVE this workout and it’s now my go-to for twice a week strength training. I have a question, though. Debra, you say that this is perfect for those busy days. But I have been doing this workout as a complete workout, even on non-busy days. So, should /could I be doing more to top up this workout, and if so, by how much? (an extra ten minutes of arm exercises, maybe?) I don’t really want to go for longer than 30 minutes, but how could I make this into a regular twice a week workout which hits all muscle groups?

  • WELL DONE 👍 Strength Routine here! Thank YOU for giving us just what we needed! (Also turning the big 6-0 today!) 🙂

  • Thank you for getting right down to business. Some folks waste time with the introduction. Hey I am a new subscriber because I like your video style

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