July 3

Let’s talk menopause with Schellea!


Let's talk menopause with Schellea!

We will talk about all things Menopause that I have been researching lately, and the survey we did together had some pretty interesting results!

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  • Good Morning! Watching on a Sunday night at 7:43 P.M. I’m 45 and have 11 children, I’m not in menopause yet but I know it will be here at some point. Love your content!♥️

  • I am 64 years old and have already experienced menopause, but it is such a transition with our bodies, our minds and our emotions…

    • Once you are in menopause you are in it for the rest of your life. This is a common misconception that you go through it and its over unfortunately it is not the symptoms may subside but you still have 0 female hormones after you have been without a period for 12 months. We are tough ladies!!!!

  • I’m 55, you look amazing! My mother never spoke about this also considering I’m Asian American. Anything of that nature is definitely taboo. My mother ballooned up though. I was afraid that I was going to become really obese like her & most women. Most people tend to think I’m in my late 20’s-mid 30’s. These hot flashes come daily. Unfortunately, my body temperature runs hot, so this makes it worse!

  • Talking with other women who are going thru the same thing is the best thing for each of us….just sharing our feelings seems to help the most! ❤

  • Loved this chat on menopause. I never dreamed that menopause would send me into a spin! I’m now 66, and still get those tropical moments. I am a lifetime exerciser, so felt menopause wouldn’t be an issue. Oh honey, wrong! I have gained at least 20 extra pounds on my 5’5” frame. Needless to say, I’m not a happy woman. I have been doing your work outs sporadically for a year and a half. I’m also doing yoga, and try to get out for walks as often as possible, weather permitting. I continue to plug along, journaling what sets my hot flashes off, supplements that seem to help, exercises that make me feel good. I plan on aging with grace! Thank you for being such an inspiration. 💖🙏🏻

    • Oh same here! I’ve excersized and stayed healthy my whole life. Menopause started. My body shape has changed massively. I don’t even recognise myself. I’m gutted. I seem to have lost the motivation to even try now and my excersize is sporadic now too. I actually said to my friend the other day, I need to find myself again. I actually feel lost if that makes sense. I have two adult children. One at university and one who’s severely disabled so I care for her. I seem to be floundering over everything! Clothes. I don’t know what to wear. I can’t seem to make decisions. My confidence for driving has diminished. I explained all this to my son so he understands. He’s very empathetic. I always apologise if I get abrupt with him. I hope you come out of it the other end! I guess we just need to try and figure out what helps!😊

    • With or without hot flashes/ any symptoms, daily exercise routines
      help hugely! Been there done that.. Best wishes, All.❤

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us! the comments here are really helpful to those looking for answers. Thanks for being part of our community. ❤️

  • Watching in Chicago around 8:50 p.m. Hope you are doing well, Schellea! Love to visit Australia one day!

  • Thank you for bringing this very important subject up for us women and helping making this part of everyday conversation. My number one tip is to get plenty of sleep and have daily accomplishments and learning new skills and plan goals.

  • This video comes at a great time for me. I too am 56 and it’s so cool that you are my age. I told my partner tonight that I am going to start doing your videos again starting tomorrow. I do have a hot flash here and there, but not many thankfully. I do have a super negative attitude and get irritated quickly. I am not tolerant of many people. I don’t have many friends my age, so, that can be tough at times. However, I feel like exercising with you in your videos makes me feel much better. Thanks for so much positivity! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • My mom didn’t talk about menopause and when she was much older I started menopause and asked her about her journey she said she didn’t remember lol! I had free-floating anxiety, heart palpitations, weight gain, hair loss, etc. NO doctor ever attributed it to menopause. Feeling better now, thank you very much. Barely a hot flash too, so I feel lucky to be in the 15%. I also feel WAY better since I stopped working out so hard. Hard workouts cause stress because we don’t have the estrogen to recover. Stress causes weight gain. I exercise moderately on a daily basis.

  • My advice is exercise regularly. When I was going through menopause I was doing yoga pretty regularly and I believe it made all the difference. If you don’t do yoga then swimming or walking as long as you do it regularly I think helps tremendously. My hot flashes were always manageable fortunately.

  • I’m in menopause, I’m 55. I do yoga daily and it does wonders. Highly recommend during this time of life.💜

  • Hello Shellea from Athens, Greece ❤
    I am 61 and I struggle with intense mood swings from menopause !
    Your character and videos have helped me so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    After hearing you or exercising with you,
    my sadness and fear slowly go away,,, leaving me feeling good and strong 💪💖💪💖💪💖💪
    hope you can make more exercise videos for 50+ and guide us with information how to deal with menopause difficulties while showing us great exercise for mature women !!!
    thank you so much I adore you 😘😘😘

    • I’m so happy that you’re part of our community! Life is easier when we have each other, I’m sending you a big hug from Australia 🤗❤️

  • Hello from Ireland, midsummer here, had a great few weeks of sun but its raining again! I’m perimenopausal but thanks to women like you Schellea and comments from all the women here I’m heading into it with so much information and very little worry 💕

  • One thing that has really helped me during this time is definitely mediating, exercising( with Schellea)❤) I stay away from any overly processed foods and sugar in all forms. I started bio identical hormones to keep my estrogen and progesterone levels in normal range. I really feel happy and healthy and I am so glad to be alive as my mum passed at 52, I’m 54 and living life to the fullest. I appreciate you being in this YouTube space. You are a blessing.

  • #1 tip for aging with grace for me is to stay true to myself. I am so used to reacting to situations , always in a hurry, now I try to slow down and stop and think about it – sometimes the best action is no action

  • Outstanding video Schellea – so intereting hearing your Mom’s story
    Started menstruating and developing at 11
    My Mom explained everything to me and was horrified
    Even asked her if it only happened to “Jewish” girls lol!
    Hardly had any menapausal symtoms neither did my Mom
    Pray the same for my 40+ daughters
    Don’t take a minute for granted practice gratitude have a positive attitude and work on my mental and physical health daily
    Only started YouTubing during covid have learn a mine of information
    The best thing was meeting u amazing lady
    Thank u for all u do for us ladies so appreciate it
    Much love
    Leanne from Israel

  • Hi! I am still going through this menopause stage, I am experiencing anxiety, nervous,and palpitation and all. I exercise with you to feel good and stop think negative. God Bless.

  • I am 57 and am so thankful that you have come out with this eating plan!!!! I have been following you for a long time – you are such a blessing!!!💕

  • I am in perimenopause (54) and this little video was wonderful. I was having a rough few days, mentally, physically, emotionally, with no apparent reason. Thank you for this. I feel like God worked through you to pick me up, dust me off, and get me back into a positive attitude. Blessings from upstate NY, USA. 🙂

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