December 30

Know Your Number! (how many calories to eat for weight loss)


Add a zero because it's EASY! Download The 5-0 Method today at #shorts


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Exercise for Menopause Weight Loss

Exercise for Menopause Weight Loss
  • Ok …super confused..what weight am I weighing myself in OR am I picking a number? You said both? Don’t make sense…😵‍💫

  • Seems like this readily applies to those of us who may need to lose weight. I have been tracking calories using Cronometer and before that MyFitnesPal for a couple of years. For me, right now, adding a zero means 2,000 calories. Even though I’ve had a lower goal of 1800 calories, I tend to eat well above 2,000. I do lose weight when I get 2,000 calories regularly. As Pahla says, we are our own experiment of one. Closer to goal weight and more active, more muscle mass may may afford more calories and still lose weight. Consistent tracking can help us know what’s working.

  • So that means I can only eat 1,300 calories a day? Nope not doing that! That’s not right for an active adult woman.maybe 2days out of five but not for a week or month etc
    You would lose weight but prob too much too fast not sustainable for me.i think 1,700 is realistic.

  • I currently weigh 125lbs. I have lost 30 lbs and am trying hard not to regain. I typically eat 1000 cal/day. Why am I not loosing? I would like to be around 120. I will be 66 in Feb. Moderate to very active. I follow you 4 or 5 days a week.

  • Wow interesting. I’m using a different calculation and eating much less calories than if I do this one. I may try this since my other calculation hasn’t been working that well. It’s definitely worth a shot. Thanks for this!

    • My apologies for not clearly saying that it’s your weight in pounds! At 154 pounds, your target is 1540 calories. 💛

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