July 2

“I haven’t been working on my mindset”


Maybe you have, and maybe you haven't — and maybe that's not a helpful thought. Let's decide together! Learn more about weight loss mindset with The 5-0 Method:


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  • I love this! It is a helpful thought – even when I AM working on my mindset and I still tell myself I’m not doing it enough.

  • Ever since I hit my big weigh loss goal (June 27) all I can think about is eating a bunch of “bad food” (example: I never eat out, & I suddenly want curly fries & a milkshake -large sizes, please.) 😅
    I was thinking what the heck is going on here with me & my my thoughts? I realized I wanted to “reward” myself for losing the weight & my brain thinks food is how I can be rewarded. I am trying to say “that’s unhelpful!” every time these thoughts about wanting “bad” foods pop up. I am noticing all the goodies/candy/chips/cookies etc every time I go in a store! I feel like I’m having an inner battle or something, but so far I haven’t given in because I’m really trying to ask myself what these cravings are all about. It’s definitely not about being hungry! Mindset is the most challenging part for me.

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