January 2

GUARANTEE your weight loss success in 2023


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  • Pahla, great message! This is one I will save to play over and over, to remind myself not to give up on myself!! Thank you for all your great motivation! Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

  • Happy new year Pahla,I’m sadly eating my way through a cruise ship as I write this,back to healthy eating next week though 😊

  • Wishing you & family a happy new year, filled with good health, professional success & lots of fun moments together.

  • Thanks Pahla! I NEVER give up I can guarantee myself that. Problem is, I am battling a debilitating neuro disease which sees me extremely unwell and bed-bound for huge chunks of time (currently been bed-bound for just over a year – not my longest chunk by far). So, just when I think I’ve got a handle on things, I’m back to square one. I’ve never been overweight until the past couple of years and so I throw everything at it when I can and eat right all the times in-between. I get so many comments from close friends and my family about the fact that I just don’t give up but I say “what’s the alternative”? My cardiologist (I also have autonomics/heart issues) tells me that probably less than 5 percent of people with my issue will keep going. That means A LOT of people give up!!!!!! I find this astounding. I guess also, I’m not really talking about just the weight loss. For me it’s absolutely having a body that is healthy and can serve me well. Anyway, thanks for all your positivity/honesty. It really helps, especially on the tougher days. All the best from Australia x

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