December 8

Get FLAT ABS with FUN CARDIO and NO Floor Work | 5PD #64


It’s the penultimate workout of 2022, and this is a GOOD ONE! We’re working on flat abs with FUN CARDIO and no floor work – just the way we like it. Challenge your balance and your brain-body connection in short bursts with a variety of unusual exercises (plus one of my longest finishers ever, you’re welcome).

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When you’re ready, I’m ready – let’s go!

Grab this comfy, strappy bra top (it comes in a 2-pack!) from Patelei (affiliate link):
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Tiger-striped capris? Yes, please! (affiliate link):

Interval timer is set for 20 seconds; complete each mini circuit twice before moving on; there is NO REST


Twisting High Knees + Crane Kicks
Rainbow Frogs + Frog HOLD
Shooting Stars + Star Balance HOLD

Punch Punch Kick + Cross Body Crunches
Deadlift Jacks + Single Leg Squat HOLD
Letter Ks + K HOLD

Booty Kicker Elbow Swings + Front Kick / Back Kick
Sideways Skiers + Side Kick HOLD
Alley Oops + Split Stance HOLD

Half Jacks + Around the World Taps
Wide Walking Stars + Swinging Knees to Elbows
Cheerleader Kicks + Drinky Bird HOLD

Complete all of the HOLD moves one after another (one interval on each side)



Thanks for working out with me, and remember to SHARE the video. See you tomorrow. 💛


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  • Great workout thanks! (In the 7 (or 6?) December session, for some reason, I was worried about Blossom, but she looks good today.)

  • I have finally figured out that I can identify which work out I want by your TIGHTS, haha. Today was the tiger tights day, tomorrow the Aquamarine Day and so on. Do you have a coo coo follower or what?

  • Is there no longer an option to save video’s?? I have a designated folder where I save your video’s so I can do them in the mornings. By the way I’m in NZ & it’s currently 11.30pm here, hence the reason I save them. I love everything you do & you really are an inspiration for me. Thank you Pahla xx

  • That balance work was challenging! Thank you for the form tips and the encouragement. I loved that it was mixed with cardio! Whoop! 💖💖

  • Thank you for a fun workout. I tried something different today. Usually I split my workouts in half, today I just kept going and did the whole 25 minutes at once. Is either way more effective than the other? I do something every single day, but tend to wonder which way is best. thank you Pahla for all your fun chats and helpful thoughts! Any advice? Love,Loren

  • Nice physical challenge. It was also a mental challenge too, for me, really calling me to focus, focus, focus, so my brain got a workout too! Loved it!

  • Oh my goodness Pahla! What a blessing you are! I love you- this was the best workout ever! I REALLY enjoyed the finisher- so needed. Have a wonder and very blessed day!

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