October 19

Fun & Fit Cardio | LifeFit 360 | Denise Austin


Check out this amazing Fun and Fit cardio workout from my Fit + Fab 10-Day Challenge: This Fun and Fit Cardio workout video will get your blood flowing, help you blast fat and calories, and make you feel great head to toe!! The best part about this video is that it will really give you the results you want to see, and is fun, too!!! So let’s burn those calories and fat and feel FIT + FAB no matter what your age!!!

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  • Denise — So happy to find your video. I used to work out every morning (11 years ago) to your videos on FitTV, when my husband was very ill. He got such a kick out of watching the workouts. After he died I just stopped all exercise, and of course, now being 10 years older, I’m back into the fitness Ive always loved — and your videos bring me such joy — and a great workout. Thank you.

  • This is so much fun! You can count the proper workouts I’ve done in my life on one hand, but that changes now. It still feels very intense for an absolute beginner but taking breaks works.

  • His Ms. Austin! Such a great workout! I’m a big fan here! I wish to see more of this kind. Thank you so much! You’re such a blessing to us who do workout at home esp. during this pandemic situation.

  • Thank you for some great ideas for my 80’s Aerobics Revival workout I am leading tonight. I love this stuff so it is so exciting to see it going back! YAY

  • I used to hardly be able to get through this workout, but now it’s so much easier!! 😂 Denise is such an inspiration and motivation to get fit. Praise God for her awesome videos!

  • This was fun!!! Thanks so much for a good quick workout! I recently found your daughters channel too! How cool she followed in your footsteps!! 🥰💪

  • I haven’t worked out with Denise in years and I just completed this. I first started doing her workouts when I was 19, now I’m 45. Denise is so motivating, I wish she could be my personal trainer. I love how she said congratulations at the end, I felt that🧡❤

  • Denise you are the best low impact exercise instructor. I’m coming back for my routine exercise after years of not doing it…. Just walking, but now you will be my inspiration …. Love your enthusiasm and truly inspirational story!

  • I am in love with denise austin style of workout, the are an intensity all can do and the flow and sequence of moves are so fun, simple and dance like, without it being hard core dance. I loose myself in doing these fun and lovely moves.🥰🥰

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