October 8

Ep. 308: 6 Things I’ve Learned About Weight Loss


Let’s celebrate SIX YEARS of the Get Your GOAL (formerly Fitness Matters and formerly formerly Let’s RUN) podcast with a list of six things I’ve learned about weight loss.

I’ve been a fitness professional for almost a dozen years now, so you might think I already had it all figured out when I started this podcast on October 3, 2017.


Back then, I was just a young 47-year old who had barely entered perimenopause and was still running ultramarathons for fun. My, how the years (and helping thousands of women over 50 lose weight!) have changed my weight loss philosophy.

– Exercise doesn’t make you lose weight
– Your body has a lot of information, but you might not be listening
– You can eat what you want without feeling guilty
– It takes as long as it takes
– Un-remembering old mottos is tough
– Your body only goes where your mind goes first

Join me for a fun look back at six years of podcasting, and a practical look forward to YOUR weight loss journey!

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  • I am a 53 and in complete menopause due to hysterectomy. I have done the eat less and exercise more and it has completely wrecked my body. Since I have started listening to your podcasts and using the information, I can see things are starting to turn around. I have a long way to go but I appreciate the fact that I don’t necessarily have to set a “goal date”. Thank you and keep up this amazing work!

  • Another thought provoking video. I have done the eat less and move more. Tried the intermittent fasting, that worked for a while. Now, nothing seems to be working. Need to get my mindset on board.

  • I’ve gone back to your early running videos, and am finding them very useful. I’m mixing up my exercise, 1/3 long walks, 1/3 strength training and 1/3 indoor running and your other exercises.

  • I found you in 2020 😊 great learning points. The body will do what the brain believes – very key for me. This is where the struggle is and the practice of the journaling untangles the thoughts and those old mottos. Thanks for another insightful podcast ❤

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