June 25

Ep. 293: Nights and Weekends


You’re good all day (or all week), but when seven o’clock rolls around, you can’t stop munching. How can you be consistent on nights and weekends, so you can lose all the weight you want? Like THIS.

On this week’s episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast we're tackling a common struggle – staying consistent with your calories on nights and weekends.

The answer? Lose the weight in a way that’s ultimately sustainable for maintenance.

This means no more restriction, no more “diet mentality,” no more beating yourself up or making excuses. This means loving yourself while you’re losing weight (not just when you get to your goal).

– Why “thinking positively” isn’t the answer (it never is)
– How to find the right balance for YOU
– How journaling gets to the root of the issue
– What self awareness *really* looks (and sounds) like

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