December 24

Enjoy The Holidays AND Stay Keto: Pick ONE High-Carb Treat #shorts


"Now, what if you feel pinned into a corner by people who want to love you with food, or you worry that you’ll feel deprived if you don’t have a holiday favorite? Is it OK to have one sweet or high-carb treat? In my opinion, it is. However,.."

Excerpt from – Enjoy The Holidays AND Stay Keto:


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  • I remember you mentioning this last year during the holidays! At that time I rolled my eyes 🙄 THIS Christmas 🎄 I believe you but feel unsure if baking an entire package of cinnamon rolls (old family tradition), frosting them and eating just ONE out of 8, warm out of the oven is realistic for me! 😂😂😂 Wishing you all a Happy Healthy Holiday 🕊️❤️

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