July 18

Dirty Keto & Food Combining: I Put Them to the Test [Blood Sugar]


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Dirty keto is the term used for following a keto diet without concern for food quality. For instance, order a burger from a fast food restaurant, throw away the carb-loaded bun, and only eat the burger and cheese. Dirty keto will never win any healthy eating awards, but can it be used as a way to keep your blood sugar low enough to stay on track when nothing else is available? And would it really be all that bad to just eat the burger with the bun?

While wearing my non-prescription CGM (continuous glucose monitor) from Levels, I went to Mcdonald's and picked up a few cheeseburgers to see how the separated ingredients of a fast-food cheeseburger would affect my blood sugar and what would happen when I ate the bun and burger combo. Here’s what happened.

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  • I ask for the burger with out the bun. It has never been a problem at any of the fast food places. I get the lettuce tomato & onion Not a bad meal in a pinch. 🍔

  • Is “dirty ketoe” the same as foot fungus?
    (Just messin’ with you. I love your channel & highly recommend it to family & friends.)

  • So true. Before i retired i was a Field Service Technician for 25 years. Had no option but to eat fast food. Burgers, beakfast tacos, deli sandwiches, etc. Pizza was a treat. When i got really desperate I’d hit the vending machines. I always had a bag of change in my car. Just had no other option.
    No matter how hard i tried could not get my bmi down to 25. 75% of my colleagues were overweight and on medication.
    Job paid well and many benefits and perks included. U going to take a big pay drop and go from an exciting job to a boring low paid job?

  • Interesting video. Your videos have been very helpful to me, Thank you. It would be very interesting to see how a wide range of complex carbs and other healthy foods effect your blood sugar in this way. Comparing things like a bowl of white rice vs brown rice?, is there a meaningful difference between Basmati rice and Jasmine rice?, How does a serving of chickpeas or Quinoa spike blood sugar? etc. I am on a lower carb, no processed foods diet but I am eating small amounts of rice and complex carbs and I often wonder if I should reduce the amount of things like chickpeas, and other things like that also. Dont really want to go full keto though. Thanks again for your videos they are very balanced and free from the hyperbole you often get in this topic.

  • I have used this method in a situation where I was trapped while traveling with people who eat garbage and had no way out. I’m a meat eater but I’m not sure my burgers were any better than just roughing it a few more hours. Now i travel with emergency grass fed beef sticks. Great experiment Dr Becky. Thank you.

  • This was another great experiment. I really like your experimental videos…I enjoy my coffee with MCT and Heavy cream because of your video with your husband. Thank you!

  • where did you find a MD’s burger patty that covered the entire bun? Here, the burger covers about 1/3 of the bun.

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