August 5

Denise’s Pickleball Stretch | 5-Min


Welcome to my quick 5-Minute Pickleball Stretch! This is a quick stretching routine will loosen up your muscles and joints and get your heart rate up just a little so you are ready to hit the court! Stretching before (and after!) working out or playing sports is such an important step to avoid injury… so don't skip it!

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  • Hey Denise Ausitn you look so beautiful and gorgeous in white and love your hair and your workout warm up videos ❤🎉

  • I love you, Denise Austin you are so great my arms have been flabby, and I’ve always been embarrassed of them even though I’ve been small all my life I turned 59 and everything seem to go wrong but you gave me hope and inspiration and my arms are looking great with your video Tink top arms thank you so much

  • Your 15 minute abs work out worked wonders for me back in the day. I still look for an updated way to view that video as it was very effective.

  • Always looking good and beautiful eyes. I remember watching her and the 20 minute workout many years ago. Glad she’s still going strong 💪.

  • “Zip up those abs”
    “Put a smile on your face”
    “Strong body. Strong mind”
    I remember her on USA network when I was 11yrs old. I’ve had VHSs & DVDs over the years. Glad she’s on YouTube so I can still enjoy her workouts & her positive personality! 💪🏼👑💃🏼🏓

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