December 5

Denise Austin’s Ab & Booty Circuit | 5-MIN


Welcome to a brand new toning workout just for your abs and booty!! Target tone those trouble areas with this 5-minute workout. This is a great one to do after your walk. Give it a try today!!

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  • Denise I’ve been working out with you since the ’80s I love all your workouts you are my role model thank you so much love all your workouts have all your VHS and all your DVDs and I do all your challenges… 💙💙💙 ❌⭕❌⭕❌🔥🔥🔥

  • I love you denise I watch you all the way back when you were on tv.I Still love you. My love for you has not gone away.

  • 62 and about to go outside on my concrete patio in Central Florida to do triceps today. Nothing like being in shape when you’re older. People use age as an excuse to become lazy. It’s amazing how one feels when they can still move like they did in their 20s when they take care of themselves.

  • Thank you Denise for all you do! And I’m just so proud of your daughter for following your footsteps! Stay safe and healthy

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