October 19

Chair Pilates for Seniors & Beginners || Gentle Pilates Workout with Stretching


Join me for this full body Pilates workout. All exercise are performed in a seated position and are perfect for seniors and beginners. You will feel great after working on our muscles to improve posture, core strengthening, and stretching.
If you enjoy my chair yoga workouts, you will LOVE chair Pilates!
Please make sure you are seated in a sturdy chair that does not have side arms. A couch or lazy boy type chair will NOT provide enough support for this workout. A dinning chair or folding chair that has a back will work well.
Let me know how you like this Chair Pilates Workout in the comments!
Ready for more? Check out my other Pilates workouts (standing and mat exercises )
Thank you for working out with me!

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  • You helped me with a move that I struggle with by simply dropping my lower ribs & not letting them flare out while lifting legs up and down. This was big for more today!

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful pilates class! I really enjoyed the variety of movements and the accessibility of this program. I am so grateful I found your Playlist of chair routines. You are truly a gifted teacher! Thank you for sharing these!

    • You’re so welcome Rebeckah! I’m happy to help, and thrilled that my channel works well for you. Thank you for your kind words as well, I have the best viewers!

  • Simply brilliant exercise routine! I just loved it! I have lower back issues and cannot do regular Pilates anymore, this was very refreshing! Needed this to strengthen and lengthen as well as stretching my tight muscles. Lauren you are amazing and a bright light to all of us who need someone who understands and teaches modified moves! My body feels better already! Thank you so much! You definitely are making a difference here! πŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸ’–πŸŒΈ

  • Great workout! Love these stretches. I am increasing flexibility and strength. I am so glad I found your videos. I am telling my friends about them.

    • Wonderful! So glad to hear that you are improving Pat. Thanks for sharing too! I also posted a new seated pilates today, please make sure to check It out!

  • Lauren, thank you for a lovely routine with your soft voice and music, the perfect amount of instruction with no unnecessary chit chat! I will be sharing it with many.

  • Thank you. This is one of the best workouts I’ve found recently. I have arthritis and find it difficult to do all the movements that once were natural and easy. I love your clear instructions. Lovely! More please.

  • Loved this routine. Have a damaged foot so being able to exercise without weight was fabulous. Thank you.

  • Just found this one! Wonderful video! Thank you so very much for thinking of those of us who need to be seated. This workout seemed perfect to me!

  • I tried this one for the first time today. Really good .. sure worked my legs hard 😁 I coped really well with the routine probably because I’ve been getting stronger and more flexible from doing your classes most days. Thank you Lauren. Going to finish with the chair yoga now … and part of the Barre workout. That’s a good hour of workout πŸ’ͺ 😘

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