August 21

Building Strength with Dumbbells for Seniors & Beginners // 30 min all Standing Workout


Let's strength train together and build muscle mass with this 30 minute workout!
All exercises are in a standing position and are set to a timer so you can go at your own pace. We will perform exercises for 60 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. I'm using a set of two 8lb weights for this full body workout. Please start with lighter weights if it is your first time doing this workout or if you are new to strength training.

I hope you enjoyed this workout! Please let me know what you think in the comments. I love hearing from my viewers!

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  • Hi. I just love working out with you. But I just recently learn I have a pinched nerve in my hip. So my doctor told me the best exercise I can do is yoga. But I wanted to ask you are there any other kind exercise I can do beside these.

  • Loved this workout 😍 so good when you’ve been at a desk all morning. I really need to go through your playlists and find more of these.

  • Hello Lauren great workout I’m 🥵Every week I save you weekly class planner and I’ve never been able to find it saved on my device until now !!! I’m not very good with technology I’m so happy I can now do your classes everyday for a week think I need to go back to school to learn more about technology 😂😂

  • Looking forward to this workout. I have been following you since heart surgery just over a year ago and have built up enough strength to challenge myself with these! BTW, I have an Apple Watch and often don’t know what workout to choose when monitoring my activity with you. Any suggestions? (or maybe you could put in the notes for each workout in future)

  • Love this added challenge with the heavier weights, Lauren. You are an amazing teacher and so grateful for you.

  • Loved this! Like the different moves. Perfect for a day when I don’t feel like doing doing multiple sets, but still need to do something.
    Thank you!

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