February 21

Brand New 14-Day New You Challenge! πŸŽ‰ #shorts


Ladies, I’m trying something new, and I’m so excited!
For years now I have been running challenges to help as many ladies like me as I can. To take our health, fitness, and vitality into our own hands!
I have received 1000’s of comments asking me to make a version that is even easier to follow that has no ads and amazing recipes and workout videos combined.
I hear you, ladies, technology isn't really what I’m best at… but I have made it my priority this year to make something new for us all!
Introducing, our brand new 14-Day New You Challenge!
It is on a specialized platform I have created that has everything we need to succeed this year. ​ This is a paid course because a lot of hard work and expertise has gone into making it (I know you understand better than anyone, that good things take time.) I will be keeping all of my free challenges I have made over the years on Youtube. You are welcome to do them and in fact, I encourage you to please do them!
This New You 14-Day Challenge on my specially-made platform is my upgrade.
We start on the 2nd of March (Sydney, Australia time), and I am so excited to be sharing it with you. The ladies looking for the best combination of workouts and nutrition plans I have to offer will love this.
I even have made a special VIP section where for the very first time ever I will be doing 2 live sessions where we can talk and have fun together. Anyway, enough from me. Have the most amazing day!
JOIN NOW! βœ…πŸ‘‡

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  • Hi i want to join but what will be the timing? Is it going to be live or recorded videos? Asking this as i stay in India

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