April 18

Blood Sugar vs. Snacks: I Ran the Tests [Dark Chocolate, Popcorn, Almonds, Eggs]


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Snacks that keep your blood sugar low, limit the fat-storing hormone insulin and control hunger. I pitted four seemingly healthy snacks against each other and used this non-prescription CGM from Levels to see how each one impacted my blood sugar. This video shares the best and worst snack results and how Levels is making it possible for you to get this blood sugar monitoring tool for yourself.

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  • Ive been curious about dark choc. I like the 85% breaking off a moderately small piece and dipping it into my black coffee until it begins to melt and then laying it on my tongue to finish its melt. I do this rarely but do enjoy it, Good Morning btw

  • Thank you. I just threw out my microwave popcorn and won’t be eating any more popcorn! (NO REGRETS!) I will start ‘snacking’ on hard-boiled eggs which I do enjoy. This has been one the most beneficial videos I’ve watched on YouTube! Thank you again! 🙏🏼😊

    • Ok so now I am envisioning me sneaking in boiled eggs to the movie theater. 😅 Or better yet…get a contract to provide theaters with prepared boiled eggs and almond snacks.

  • This is very interesting and good reminder for me. I’m throwing away the popcorn and going to stop justifying it as a good snack because it has fiber. Thanks again Dr. Becky!

    • I agree popcorn is such a favorite for most people but not good for us, it gives me too much gas, that’s the reason that I stopped eating it altogether, but now there’s other health reasons to stop consuming popcorn…. oh well

  • Thank you for this video. Great information. I appreciate all you share here. You are my go to source for eating Keto.

  • Thank you for the info on that glucose gadget. I have heard of them and you are first to show how to get them if not diabetic. But yeah ouch the cost! Seems so unfair. That is a chunk to work into a budget .

  • I make popcorn but I never eat more than a cup at a time and never a second cup on the same day. I manage this by “processing” the popcorn when it’s popped into two cup bowls with tops. I almost measure the 1 cup out when I pull the first cup out of the storage bowl. I do not get a higher spike than pecans or almonds because I keep it to one cup. I usually use everything spice and a pat of melted butter. One cup does not add any weight (I weigh myself every morning). I find the fiber is important, and 1 cup is a slow rise for my sugar. (I text with a normal tester 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 90 minutes later). So popcorn gets a bad rap because people don’t pay attention to how to incorporate it into your diet.

  • What a great idea to check meals and snacks this way. I’m curious to try some of my favorites. One year our family was on a very low budget and we would have meals of popcorn (cheap), apples (from our own trees), and cheese (WIC help). It’s actually still one of our family favorites 20 years later, and I’m in a financial place now that I could check this out to see how those things all balance out together. I appreciate Levels way of letting people do what is affordable.

  • Thank you for doing a video on this. This really helps me understand how food causes a change to blood sugar. This video has helped me understand it better.

  • I’m curious if these results would be the same with everyone. I have done the exact same tests for myself and got little to no change in glocose lives with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is high in oxalates however so I choose not to eat it.

  • This video was so helpful! I eat a lot of eggs. I do also snack on a piece of Sam’s Choice or Lindt 90% or Lindt 95% chocolate at times.

  • Lol I suspected the eggs would be the best but expected the chocolate to spike the most. Thanks for your vids

  • Very interesting, thank you for testing all these great snacks. You chose perfectly as the test results show, with that great variety of results.

  • This is fascinating. Don’t think I can budget the cost of a CGM right now but appreciate you showing us this and your thoughtful approach to testing.

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