October 14

5 Minute Full Body Stretching Routine!


Stretching exercises! Gentle stretching exercises in this 5 Minute Full Body Stretching Routine for flexibility and increased mobility. Daily stretching is essential for women over 50 because as we age we can loose 50% of our flexibility, causing stiffness in the body and soreness in our joints.

Do this daily stretching routine so you can keep your body fit, healthy and limber for many years to come.

Link to Book:
You Can Heal Your Life … by Louise Hay

Link to my Best Exercise for women over 50 video showing the Asian Squat

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Information provided in this video is of a general nature only and is for entertainment/educational purposes. We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Performing any of these exercises is done so at your own risk.

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  • I’ve just done 30 Minute LOSE WEIGHT Indoor Walking, 10 minutes To SLIMMER LEGS and 5 Minute Full Body Stretching Routine. I’m so proud of myself. Thank you Schellea! I would have never done it without you. I’ve been exercising regularly with you for the last month and I’m so much stronger and more flexible. A M A Z I N G!

  • Thank you for your positivity and thank you for talking honestly about ageing🌸 I appreciate you and my life is better with your voice in it 🙂

  • I love this 10 minute workout. I’ve been in the hospital for 70 days waiting on a heart transplant and I need something to keep my muscles streched and moving. This is perfect and it will help my recovery when I finally get a new heart!

    • Sorry you have been sick. I hope you get your transplant soon and that all goes well. My prayers are with you. Keep your spirits up …this to shall pass! Blessings!

  • I am in my twenties but I really need this. Never done stretch in my life before and never thought about it. I am glad I found this video and it helps me alot. I feel more flexible and feeling great after a couple of weeks later. I am going to do this one entire of my life. Thanks for the video 🙂

  • I watched some of your warm up strengthening exercises they are wonderful not strenuous at all, what really got my attention were the encouraging words that edify your listeners very uplifting especially when I saw this one. Great job be blessed to keep it up and stay healthy as well.

  • My co-workers and I love your workouts. They help get us through the workday. We do healthy “smoke breaks”. We aren’t smokers so we jump out of our office chairs throughout the day to your arms, abs, etc. Thank you for what you have done for us. I am reclaiming back my body, heart and soul!

  • Such a powerful stretching routine! I’d just tried a couple of workouts and this worked a treat! Such a calm and reassuring voice 🤗 I love that you have a selection of shorter workouts to mix and match to suit. Thank you so much 💗💗💗

  • This stretch exercise is just perfect! I also am close to tears each time u say “You’re safe” It feels comforting x On Day 2 of the 14day Challenge so am excited to see some changes, in mindset also. U indeed make me smile during the sessions n I have to pause to check out the music I particularly like to add to my playlist for in the car. Double bonus! Thank u so much, Schellea. The dullest day is brighter when exercising along with u 😊

  • This is exactly what I was looking for – gentle narration, age appropriate actions, uplifting support for older women!

  • I have started doing this as a daily morning routine. 5 days now and the morning after the very first day I wasn’t feeling as stiff! The second morning I got up from bed it was so wonderful. Thank you, this has made a lot of difference. Have incorporated other of your exercises too. ❤️❤️❤️ you are such a positive influence!

  • I’m in my early 40’s and I absolutely love you. Been doing various workouts with you and they are amazing. Thanks a million.

  • This was my first time doing this stretching exercise, I have also done the arms with dumbbells a couple of times. Thank you, so glad I found you. I am nearly 72, the exercises are perfect for me👍🏽

  • This was simply beautiful – no complicated poses but effective and my body feels so relaxed and balanced. You are a blessing!

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