July 10

5 easy JOURNAL PROMPTS for weight loss


The 5-0 Method includes printable journaling and tracking pages to keep you on track:


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  • Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with us.❤ I think my biggest struggle with the journaling is doing it, but that the calorie count seems way too high. I should eat 1600 cal a day right now I eat about 1000 cal a day barely losing any weight, so how can I lose weight if I’m eating 600 cal more. I love your work thank you so much I have to trust the process.😊❤

    • Try making the extra calories up with high protein foods – hummus, beans, fish, eggs. (Or meat, if you’re a carnivore).

    • In order to lose weight you must must eat. Like Pahla said, add a zero to your current weight and eat that must in calories a day. Don’t starve yourself. Weight loss doesn’t work like that. Also, write down everything your eat and know the quantity and calorie for it. Do what she says and it will happen. Life doesn’t revolve around what you weigh, it revolves around you. Good luck.

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