July 16

4 Core Exercises Women Over 40 Should Stop: Do This Not That!


Core exercises are important but women over 40 are more prone to injury and these really don't provide the benefit we want without significant risk. Here's four core exercises to stop doing and what to do instead:
Sit Ups
Leg lifts
V-Sit Rotation

Benefits of core exercise include:
reduced risk of back pain
increased ability to lift heavy and go faster
better posture

Trade those risky exercises for ones with more benefits and get better results. Got an exercise that you wonder about? Add it to comments.
(PS – I personally don't do crunches – even these modified – and haven't for decades)


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  • Oh thank you so much. I have wanted to do more but refused to do something that I would have done in me 20s due to lower back pain. 30 years working in nursing has done a number to my body even though I am every careful with body mechanics. These are safer for my back, yes, I am still working. I can do these. Thank you.

  • Thank you for showing the alternative core moves and modifications. I’m hopeful you have an alternative exercise for push-ups and traditional chest press because I cannot do any modified push-up (even at the wall) due to a snapping at my elbow and subsequent ulnar nerve pain. Frequently chest presses also flare this up. And PT hasn’t helped. I love your videos and learn so much from you. Thank you!

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