October 25

30 MINUTE INDOOR WALKING WORKOUT | 1 Mile Walk | Beginners, Seniors


This 30 Minute Indoor Walking Workout is at Mom's pace. The fun 1 mile walk for beginners, seniors is about 3600 steps and will burn calories and strengthen your cardiovascular system. It features 30 second rounds of moves that engage your upper and lower body with rounds of 20 seconds of active walking rest.

00:00 Introduction
00:53 Warm Up & 1 Mile Walk
28:25 Cooldown

This workout can be done as a high intensity interval training workout by ramping up your pace during the 30 second intervals. For more challenge, add light weights to some or all of the moves. I use 2 pound weights for some of the moves.

Estimated number of calories burned:
✅ 120 lbs or 55 kgs: 97 to 105 calories
✅ 200 lbs or 91 kgs: 159 to 173 calories

Need more time to ramp it down? Try our Cooldown video:

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  • mabuhay…..i will try this for tomorrow exercise …recently i do a threadmill 2Decho is about walking for my cardio….thanks….and mabuhay here from philippines……

  • is active on my daily exercise…i lose little by little thanks you and your mom ….again mabuhay …..from philippines

  • am a senior citizen and your mom is my idol (i like her haircut). i used to just sit watched tv/cellphone and feel backpain and losing my leg muscle. i watched your video since 2021 and do the exercise 3x a week. i notice my leg muscle is back and my back is ok now. my phase is slower compared to your mom 🥰

  • Thank you for this and other videos!! I’m recovering from COVID and was worried I had lost all progress. But today I did half of this video and was fine. I probably could have kept on, but the weather is nice and I want to go for a walk outside. Thanks for making exercise fun and reachable.

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