September 1

20 Minute ARM FAT Loss Workout【With Weights】All Standing 🔥


20 minute toned arm workout to lose arm fat with dumbbell weights targeting shoulders, bicep and tricep muscles. Upper body dumbbell workout for women, all standing and suitable for seniors and beginners. Weight Training for Women 50+ is essential for healthy aging. Building Arm Strength: Crucial for everyday tasks such as lifting, carrying, or even opening jars.
Improved Aesthetics: Toned arms can boost self-confidence and body image.
Joint Support: Strengthening the muscles around the elbows and shoulders can help support and protect these joints.
Efficiency: A 20-minute focused workout can yield effective results if done consistently and with proper form. As women age, there's a natural decline in muscle mass and bone density. Weight training can significantly offset these changes. By keeping the muscles and bones strong, women can reduce their risk of fractures, maintain mobility, and enjoy a better quality of life as they age. Furthermore, maintaining strength can contribute to prolonged independence and a reduction in the risk of falls, which can be particularly dangerous in older age.

In conclusion, regardless of the age group, weight training offers myriad benefits for women. However, the approach might change based on the specific needs and goals associated with each age group. It's always important to consult with a fitness professional or physical therapist to tailor a program that's suitable for an individual's health status and goals. #over50 #fabulous50s #over50fitness
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**Disclaimer: Information provided in this video is of a general nature only and is for entertainment/educational purposes. We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Performing any of these exercises is done so at your own risk.

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  • Added to my to do list for tomorrow…
    By the way my knee is getting better…thank u for the knee strengthening work out…do them regularly 😊

    • WooHoo! Let me know how you go Vrinda. Thanks for always working out with me! I’m so happy you’re seeing results 💪🙌

  • Finally a nice arm workout for fifty-year-olds, frankly I never do the others they seem to me more like seventies😊 In the end we are still in shape at fifty years old, We can dare something more 😅

  • Shellea, I’ve been doing your workouts for a while now and I just found this one. It’s a good and difficult workout! They all are! Thanks for sharing them with us! Great job!!! 🎉❤

    • You are a star Sue! You’re putting in the effort and doing all the work 🎉 Stay strong and fabulous 💪❤️

  • I am so grateful to the Youtube algorithm gods for suggesting your channel. I am loving so many of your classes! I must know: what breed is your adorable dog and what is its name? The two of you make a great team and I am so happy that both of you are my new workout partners – thank you🥰

    • A Cavoodle! Buddy says hi! 💕 I’m so happy you are enjoying the workouts Allison and thank you for your kind words. Stay strong and fabulous! 💪❤️

  • Schellea, this is by far the best arm exercise video you have done. I feel my arms burn and when you feel the burn is when you know it is working. Phenomenal arm workout. Thank you 😊

    • Thanks so much for working out with me and congratulations on your commitment to exercise Rivka! Keep up the great work 💪❤️

    • You’re amazing Wendy! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the workout. You should so be proud of yourself. 🌸💕

  • 🔥Let me know in the comments below if your arms are on fire!

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  • I was so glad to see this video. I did it with 8 pounders and I am so proud of myself. YOU have gotten me to this point. I just transitioned into them today after seeing the new video. Thank you for your inspiration and so much more. ☺♥

  • Loved this workout – first two exercises on round two threw me as it was same arm and I just followed the video, but will change arms next time 😊. Love all your videos. Set myself a target over the summer holidays to work out everyday – granddaughters threw a slasher in the works for a couple of days here and there but I’m still seeing a difference , thank you xx 🤗

  • Perfect timing, today’s my weight resistance day and I woke up to this new video and it’s a good one. Thank you! Followed that up with the ten minute bat wing 🦇 deterrent 😆😆😆. Then I had an excellent cardio workout with my gal pal Eleni. 😀. It’s a magnificent day. ❤️ thank you Schellea ❤

  • 🥵🥵🥵this is veryyyyy challenging WOWWW!!!!!! I could do the last one 😮I’m sweating and dripping tomorrow I’ll give it another try to finish all my workout thank you 🙏 everyone and schellea ♥️👏👏🥵🥵

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