May 4

100K Celebration, Let’s Chat Q & A, and a SeniorShape Giveaway!!!


It's finally here! Thank you for your patience for this anticipated video where I answer your questions about my personal life, the business of YouTube and fitness.
Thank you to all my subscribers for helping me reach 100K followers! It's such an exciting milestone for a creator. I can't wait to see how we will continue to grow together!

Win a SeniorShape T-Shirt or tank and a water bottle!
To enter the giveaway please make sure you are subscribed to the channel and comment what your favorite type of workout is! That's it!
A winner will be chosen at random on May 11. I will reply to the winner in the comments so make sure you are able to see my response and be sure to check! US residents only please.

SeniorShape merchandise can be purchased here:

Venmo @seniorshape

🧘🏻‍♀️Please vote for me to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine! It’s not about being the most fit (I’m not) it’s about spreading health and wellness to others! Voting continues every day for the next few months. Just click the gray free vote button. Thanks for your support!


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  • congratulations i am in Australia and discovered your channel by chance. After being told i had high blood pressure and to exercise was hard as i am caring for my elderly mother. at the moment thank you for your wonderful videos i can do them at home and keep caring for my mother , I am so happy i found you , Dianna 🙂

  • I’m really glad you did this q and a! As I’ve said before, I appreciate not only the professionalism you bring to your classes, but also you have an inner beauty that draws me to your channel. I feel I’m working out with a friend.

  • Well deserved Lauren🎉 You’ve turned me into a Barre fan. I now have deep respect for the athletics that ballet requires. 💪 Thank you MIKE ❤

  • Thank you, Mike. Without your encouragement to have your lovely wife do her channel; I wouldn’t have been able to maintain any kind of workout schedule since breaking my arm. ❤️

  • Thank you both!
    I appreciate that you treat us seniors like everyone else.
    You’re perfect. And an angel.

  • It was so nice to meet the man behind the camera! Such dedication from both of you. I truly enjoy all of your workouts, alternating between cardio on M-W-F and strength/Pilates T-Th-Sa. With stretching on Sunday. Been doing this routine for two years now. Combined with diet, I have lost 45 lbs and maintained it. At 67, I’m feeling better than ever!

  • Thank you Mike and Lauren for the beautiful content you make. I’m not a senior but the calm atmosphere of your videos draw me in. ❤

  • Congratulations to you both, great to meet Mike, you guys make a fabulous team! During the lockdowns I was looking for different fitness channels with workouts my wife and I could do together. I wanted more than just one style of workout, not just yoga, not just Pilates, etc. and wanted my wife to use weights in ways she could appreciate and found your channel which was exactly what we needed. We have continued to work out together with your videos and it has enriched our marriage!

  • Thank you for this and thank Mike also! I feel so fortunate to have found you and the many choices of exercises you offer. For those of us at an “advanced stage of maturity” this is wonderful!

  • Thank you so much for what you and your husband do for all of us and not having to pay a subscription as everything is so expensive today! My body tends to crave your Barre Strength and any other strength workouts. They are my favorite!

  • Lauren, you are adorable! And thanks to Mike for his support in bringing you to us. My favorite type of workout is cardio/weights, where you have a certain number of cardio segments and a certain number of weights segments. I like it when you alternate cardio/weights, and also when you do all cardio, and then all weights. And even more, I love the variety of workouts you put out – I especially love gadgets – like a ball, band, or ring. Thank you for the Q&A and congratulations on 100,000 subscribers!!

  • Yay Lauren 1OOK is so well deserved! It’s nice knowing alittle more about you ! As a workout girl from the , in her 60s now , your exercise channel is perfect for me! ❤ keep up the great work. Cheers to you!

  • Thanks for this behind the scenes look. I appreciate the way you can keep left and right straight for us–helps with the coordination and cognitive workouts. That, and how you can keep a smile and cheerfulness going for the whole video. Its infectious. I do the 10 Minute videos when I want to focus on a particular area and combine them with the longer cardio videos with a mix of strength//toning. I do the standing and some seated videos. I skip the floor ones because it is too hard to see my screen from down there. Thanks for organizing all the playlists by type. Makes it so easy to find them and make my own list.

  • How lovely to hear about your life and background and to meet your lovely husband! 100k is so well deserved and your varied and professional content is now appreciated by so many of us. At 65 this year, i am sure I’ll be enjoying your workouts for many years to come! Xx

  • Thank you for your most generous concern for others! Your channel has been such a help and blessing to us all. Kudos to you and Mike for your sacrifice and dedication. Congratulations on this very well deserved achievement! Hip, hip, hooray! 😉

  • You’re amazing. So deserved !!!! I was one of your early subscribers and shared your channel with friends during the pandemic. You saved me and many others. Let’s get to the next 100,000 together. Onward!. THANKS MIKE!

  • Hey beautiful. Congratulations on the 100 K. I do your workouts every second day after a number of injuries and a bad back. I’ve been following younger teachers, but I’m really glad I found this channel and I think you’re motivating and that I can still keep fit with your training, at first I thought your channel was for older people, but you can get a sweat on your forehead from the training. Would like you to publish them a little more often, although I know you have a life on the side. Many thanks for the inspiration. xx

  • Congratulations 🎉! You’re workouts are the best I’ve found. My favs are the strength & cardio combos which I do twice a week then the other days I just pick based on what I’m feeling motivated by. So nice to meet your husband and I am thankful that he convinced you to do this… thank you both for your dedication to helping us become better and stronger!

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