November 7

10 Minute Core Rotation Exercises Safely | Women Over 50


10 Minute Core Rotation Exercises Safely | Women Over 50

Core exercise Queen? I got you! Core workouts are all the rage. Want to reduce back pain? Core. Want to tone up the midsection? Core. Want to make heavier and faster possible? Core. Want to prevent injury? Core.

And still.. there are dozens of exercises and dozens of variations of each. It's not what you do, it's HOW.

So all month I'm taking a daily dive into exercises and answering:
who should
who shouldn't
how to make it easier or start
how to make it harder or progress

I touch on the type of movement (or movement resistance) each exercise is.
So, if you love core but you're spending more than 10 minutes a day and not getting results, or you're just doing planks for longer and longer… watch the YouTube video series. You may not need them all.. but I'd bet my Lulus that you need at least one of them that could be a game-changer for you.

Highlights from this core challenge this past week:
Side planks
Standing core
Back extension

Each 10 minute exercise video is a mini workout. And … that's all you need when you do the right exercise consistently. Especially for women over 50 as midlife memories of what used to work can interfere with what actually will!!
Share with a strong midlife woman! LINK IN BIO to the YT channel.

00:00 Introduction
01:13 Who should not do this
03:17 Set up
07:23 Increase difficulty
09:01 Flip it: rotation on extension


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  • Thanks, these exercises are great for me. Love it. You’ve stepped me through them gradually and at the same time giving good tips for people like me who can’t do the full exercises but are giving them a go. As you’ve said, we ought to set ourselves up for success. Thanks very much.

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