June 26

Yoga for Limited Mobility for Seniors & Beginners // Chair & Standing Exercises


Let's stretch, relax and feel better with this gentle yoga class. This routine is perfect for most people including those with limited mobility. The first half of the video is all completed in a seated position in a chair. (A chair without arms is best). In the second half we will perform exercises in a standing position while using the chair as a base of support.
I hope you feel great after doing this workout with me. Please let me know how you liked it in the comments. I love hearing from my viewers. This video was actually an idea from a viewer who wanted to progress from just the chair. I also choreographed the movements so they are suitable for most people and don't require too much flexibility. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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  • Great for me for a day I am not feeling my best. Would love a full 20 minute yoga work out not using a chair. I need help with core strength and hip strength. Love your work outs.❤

    • I hope you feel better Susan. Can you get on the floor? I have a few mat yoga videos that are good for the core and are 20+ min.

  • EXCELLENT way to start the week! Thank you! These yoga classes are sensational! I am so grateful that you include every body in your classes and continually offer encouragement!

  • Lovely session. Relaxing yet providing active movement for flexibility and mobility. Thank you so much for this session.

  • Thanks you for doing this video. Lately my hip been bothering me and I wanted to do some Yoga but doing on the floor is hard for me. So thanks for sharing this video with us. Also let me say to you, bless your heart. I think what you doing is truly a blessing

  • Just what I needed to get me out of my slump….looking forward to a full yoga work strength training. My goal and commitment is to do your classes daily! I always feel so much better when I do your classes. Thanks so much.

  • Finally, a yoga routine I can manage! I think this will be my morning start from now on. Thank you, Lauren!

  • Great video! Thank you for adding a seated/standing yoga to my routine. Although I can’t get down to the floor you have such a variety videos that I am able to do one or two videos a day. Thank you for keeping me pain free!

  • Thankyou lauren i needed a good stretch today so did this twice even managed tree pose without holding onto the chair !!!! Great class as usual see you next time ❤🙋

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