January 22

Walk at home πŸ‘£ Walking Workout for Seniors & Beginners // Choose Your Level & Easy to Follow!


You are going to love this new walking workout that is perfect for all abilities! It is both to the beat of the music as well as a timer so you can go at your own pace and progress as you desire.
After a warm up we begin each section with a 30 second walk in place. I will then show you level one of a different exercise. We will then build on that exercise in 30 second increments. There are three levels to each exercise, so you are free to stay with level one, progress to level two or move on to level three. All exercises are easy to follow and there is no tricky choreography or advanced moves.
Please let me know how you enjoyed this workout in the comments, I love hearing from my viewers!

Thank you to GXMMAT for providing my mat.
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  • (FYI, this is Anne on my husband’s YouTube because he’s got the version without ads) Thank you, Lauren! Love these “level up” workouts. I’m just recovering from covid and this felt great.

  • Thank you, Lauren. As always, I love your workouts and appreciate your dedication to helping us work at staying in shape and good health. Working out with you at 74 years young! 😊

  • Hi Lauren!! LOVING the Level Up series! Really provides a chance to evaluate how you’re feeling as the exercises progress. And how cute is that hoodie?! Would be great to see a You Do You zip version! I enjoy workouts that fly by and this definitely did!

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