May 24

Unlock the benefits of Chair Yoga in 10 minutes | Perfect for Seniors & Beginners


Unlock the benefits of Chair Yoga in 10 minutes that's perfect for Seniors & Beginners. This gentle workout will strengthen your muscles, mobilize your joints, increase flexibility, and calm your mind. It features modified versions of six yoga poses:

00:00 Introduction
00:43 Warm Up
01:20 Mountain Pose
02:27 Cat Cow
03:52 Triangle Pose
06:00 Firefly Pose
07:20 Reverse Warrior
10:05 Gentle Spinal Twist
11:20 Final three inhales/exhales

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    • Thank you! That’s so nice ot know! Happy you enjoy the workouts! πŸ‘ Keep up the good work! You are doing your body good! Keep moving with us too! See you soon! 🧑

    • Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it and glad it filled your need to move today! πŸ‘Yoga is soooo relaxing to your muscles and it’s an ahhhhh feeling for your body too! Keep up the good work and keep moving with us! See you soon! 🧑🧘

    • Good Morning to you too! Nice way to start the day working out with you! πŸ‘Keep up the good work and keep moving with us! See you soon! 🧑

  • Just did this I absolutely love this. Does the body good to move still moving with you ladies❀❀

    • Thank you! Nice to see you! YAY! πŸ‘ Happy you enjoyed it! πŸ‘ Yoga Is sooo good for your muscles and it’s always an ahhhhh feeling that your body loves 🧑 too! It’s great for your brain cells too! Perfect combo! Keep it going! You are doing your body good and keep moving with us too! See you soon! 🧑

    • You are most welcome! Thanks for joining us! Keep up the good work and keep moving with us! πŸ‘ See you soon! 🧑

  • Thank you so much. Never thought I do could yoga even in a chair. I feel so good being able to do this with modifications. Will do this session daily!❀

    • You are very welcome! Thanks for working out with us! Happy you like using the chair to do yoga! 🧑Your body is getting the same good benefits as standing! It’s still an ahhhhh feeling for your muscles! Glad you will do it daily! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! 🧑

    • Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it! You are doing your body good! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! 🧑

  • Both of Mom, April and even Mochi never fail to amaze us, always creative and helping , Thank you so much ❀

  • I loved this chair yoga video and I so enjoy all the seated videos you do for those of us that cannot stand for any period of time. You and you Mom are such an inspiration to me!

    • Thank you! Happy you enjoyed the workout and pleased that you like the seated videos! YAY! πŸ‘ Seated workouts give your body the same good benefits as standing! Using a chair is a perfect alternative! πŸ‘ Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! 🧑

  • As usual, wonderful stretch session from my two favorite ladies. I did yoga for years, then studied in Canada at an ashram in a lovely spot. I ran a Yoga Club at the high school where I taught for over ten years, getting teens to turn off their phones for an hour and a half. Quite a feat! I taught for forty-three years, then retired due to many changes in administration and changes in my heart condition. After having a hip replaced, I lost much of my flexibility and backed away from yoga, preferring instead to concentrate on finally being able to walk again for long distances. Long story short, Iko and April are helping me to get my groove back. Thank you so much, Iko and April, for helping me and so many of us out here. You are great hearts and gentle with all of us. Much gratitude.

  • Hello there April, Aiko and of course Mochi,
    It’s so good to be able to take your shoes off and relax at least for a 10-minute Chair Yoga routine. I completed about 35 minutes earlier this morning with the 55+ age group of ladies, as were late starting (we waited on others) and stopped early (lunch and field trip planned). So, imagine my amazement that I was able to do this session as well, as I feel like I have completed my 45 minutes today anyway.
    April, thanks so much for the video of Aiko completing her 1-mile Rock Walk and walking to the Hot Dog stand named in her honor. The hotdog looked delicious and it was so well deserved in Aiko’s successful accomplishments over the last three years.
    Thanks again for the chair yoga video along with Aiko’s obtained success over the last three years. April, keep on with the positive videos and loving your precious mom and Mochi every day.
    Until I see you again,

  • in general i am not practising any yoga exercises, as i am not that mobile in my joints. But this unit was doable for me and did me very good. Will repeat this unit from time to time. thanks a lot for this.

  • I just did this chair yoga video and love it very much. Will be adding this one into my list of videos to do. Thanks so much!

  • Relaxing and great start for the day. Mochi was looking for his own chair to participate πŸ˜†πŸ‘β€

  • Thank you for this gentle chair yoga class. I was looking for something like this, please make more of these videos, and I also love you chair exercises. I will be doing yoga exercises as a daily routine to help my fibromyalgia. love you guys❀😊

  • Thank you for another great workout to improve flexibility and strength. A question for Aiko: were you quite active before you and April started this channel during the lockdown? Or did you pretty much start as a beginner?

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