October 22

Overcoming Exhaustion and Hypothyroidism Naturally


Even if improving hypothyroidism is not currently a concern for you, stick around and listen to this episode. This “expert” came to her expertise naturally and she’s sharing her health journey with you. She echoes recent podcast guests and stories of health concerns, health issues and solutions of women and how they’ve taken control back. They’ve realized not just that your health is your responsibility but that thankfully it is your choice. Your mind, and your lifestyle have so much influence on the way you feel, you look, and you thrive or simply live … and that makes this an exciting time to be alive and over 50.


My Guest:

Adalgiza Arango was told to give up. She was told to settle for 50%.

For 10 years she was glued to her pillow, napping in the parking lot of the grocery store after a routine trip to stock up, sneaking off at dinner parties to lie down, and couldn’t remember where she was driving. After 10 years she reversed her Hypothyroidism. Not only that she fully recovered her knee flexibility after a motorcycle accident when doctors told her 50% would be her limit.

She’s a terrible bedmaker, badass cupcake baker, and she’s the microgreens lady.

Ada got her degree in Veterinary Medicine and later studied Animal Nutrition at the National Institute for Agricultural Research in France. She immigrated from Columbia to Canada and worked for biotech companies including the BC Cancer Agency. She’s also studied Acupuncture at the International College of Traditional Medicine of Vancouver.

Questions we answer in this episode:

03:37 A lot of women listening can relate. Diagnosed at 40, put on Synthroid and sent home, still not feeling well. What made you keep searching? And looking for alternatives?

05:31 What was the process of creating your personal healing strategy?

09:40 What are those steps?

11:09 What would you tell a woman right now who has a thyroid issue, who’s on medication whether Armour or Synthroid?

You’ve made more of a purpose out of your healing journey and you are hosting a summit. What do you hope attendees will come away with?

28:37 What would be 3 tips you’d tell a woman who feels she’s settling but doesn’t know what else to do?

So, there is proof some can resolve hypothyroidism naturally. Could you?

Connect with Ada's Fabulous Forties and Beyond summit:

Details: Starts Oct 24 with 1 interview per day

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