October 22

Flipping 50 FOR MEN’S HEALTH Over 40 | Avoid Injury | Exercise Tips


to learn more and take a free series of sessions with Robbie, The Fitness Doctor. Flipping 50 FOR MEN'S HEALTH Over 40 | Avoid Injury | Exercise Tips

Got a male friend, partner, colleague, or brother who is struggling to get in shape AND avoid injuries?
Asked for 7 years, who's the men's Flipping 50, I invited Robbie on to talk about:
the benefits of the right exercise for men's health on testosterone
How to to avoid common injuries (rotator cuff problems are #1)
what happens with overzealous, over training for men over 40

and there's an invitation to a joint-by-joint assessment for men.

Ladies, you can't want it more than they do. This really has to be his decision. He's got to want to. No amount of prodding, nagging, even encouraging really gets someone to listen and follow through.

First, the desire to have different results.
Second, the willingness to acknowledge what you're doing now isn't working.
Leads to interest in a method that's easier, systematic, and definitely not what you did in high school football.


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