August 14

Losing STUBBORN belly fat


The way you THINK about your weight impacts how hard it is to lose. The journaling pages inside The 5-0 Method can help you find those STUBBORN thoughts that are slowing you down:


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  • So—it’s important to acknowledge abdominal tumors as the reason you may have a distended belly.
    If you are over 40 and your belly is either permanently or progressively distended please get an MRI. Catching this early will prevent major (major) surgery and a long (painful) recovery.

    • You’ll probably have other symptoms, though. No need to assume that having a belly means you have a tumor.

      Signs and symptoms of an abdominal mass

      Signs of an abdominal mass include:

      swelling in the area affected

      pain in the abdomen

      abdominal fullness



      unintentional weight gain

      inability to urinate

      inability to pass stool


    • @Susan Hawk actually many women with abdominal masses don’t necessarily have any symptoms apart from swelling. I am speaking as someone who has suffered with this firsthand. I’m guessing you haven’t. Telling women they can just love their big tummies is great however this can also mean a serious condition. Please be smart and get an MRI. It may save your life and hopefully catch something sooner rather than later.

    • She has never said to just love your big belly. She said to stop thinking of belly fat as “stubborn” and to change your stubborn thoughts, instead. Her entire program is to help women lose the belly fat. I’m guessing you’re not familiar with Pahla B.

    • @Susan Hawk acceptance is a sort of strategy Susan (if you know that what you are experiencing is merely fat tissue) however sometimes “stubborn fat” is actually something serious (a potentially if not actually cancerous tumor). So it’s important for women to remember that a distended belly can mean something very serious. There’s room for more than one voice here and mine is “hey, it might be something that isn’t actually fat” and that is the result of a worst case scenario that happened to me and many many women like me who thought we were fighting fat when we had a dangerous and deadly problem. If you have some firsthand experience of major abdominal surgery to share, Susan, I hope you will add your story here.

    • I didn’t say it *couldn’t be* something more serious. But your comment came across like every woman with some weight to lose needs to get an MRI. You’re scaring women into thinking they have cancer.

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