February 5

Is EXERCISE making your menopause symptoms WORSE?


Moderation isn't just for weight loss — it could help with your menopause symptoms, too.


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  • I’m not ever trying to lose weight but I love your videos and I have never seen you actually up close and you have a really beautiful eyes that just make people want to listen to you!
    Merci for your videos 👍🏼👍🏽👍

  • I’m noticing that the 5-0 method is helping me move toward balance in many areas. In my family, we tended to be lean and fit into young adulthood. Driving and sedentary jobs led to obesity for all siblings except those who smoked. Gradually increasing time sitting and gradually increasing longer gaps between regular exercise took their toll on me. Every time I got psyched up to “start over” I’d go in too hard, get injured and end up set back even further. I really can see the wisdom in slow and steady changes. And since so much of our lifetime IS after menopause, it just makes sense to care for ourselves in ways adapted to our current biology. Thank you, Pahla for sharing such helpful information and for all the effort to make things understandable and doable. You are awesome😊

  • I have chronic pain from Fibromyalgia, DDD, and Lupus. I love exercising to your videos ( You talk the whole time) but I have to physically recover after I do one of your videos . Could make a video or two for people who have chronic pain?

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