August 9

How to keep the weight off FOREVER


The mindset work you do with The 5-0 Method is THE THING that makes maintenance a breeze!


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  • Yep, your method is not a diet, it’s a way to happily, successfully, live the rest of your life! I’m still 30lbs down over a year into maintenance now. I still do all the 5 things, nearly every day. And I say nearly because I’d been on an 18-month-straight streak of your workout videos until recently, when I was traveling. One particularly long travel day found me tired and hungry. I was trying to push myself to get in one of your workouts when I heard your voice in my head telling me that it would not be the end of the world if I kept this streak going and that listening to what my body was saying (we’re jet-lagged, we’re overtired!) was actually the *best*, most appropriate thing to do at that moment. It was really quite profound! Pahla, I hope you realize how much you have helped so many of us ❤

  • Paula, I finished your book. It is great. I am going through it again to highlight all the great points. Keep it up! Thank you.❤

  • I am determined to use this method, with Pahla’s exercise videos, for the rest of my life. Even in maintenance, you can still derail for small things – going out for one restaurant meal, or takeaway fish & chips with your partner, or a minor injury which causes stress and inflammation, or a sudden change to your diet, like eating seasonal fruit! I’ve had all 4 over the last 3 days, and I ‘ve gone up 4lbs into “overweight” again! But I have confidence that 5-0 will help me get back on track.

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