March 11

How I workout NOW (at age 53)


A loving reminder: you're doing great! 💛


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  • I thought, “Well, all I do is walk the dogs, so clearly she is not talking to me.”
    But then I though – what if she is? I mean, I do it consistently, it’s already a habit. What if I did a few tweaks to my daily walk? A little longer, a little faster…?
    That was such an encouragement!

    • My male dog stops to sniff and mark constantly. I do squats and lunches when he stops. Even pushups sometimes.

  • Spot on!!!! I have been doing the same routine for a long time. 10k steps every day. I enjoyed getting my steps in, but I realized, one day, that I love to do yoga, I love to be outside, I love hula hooping but I do not have to get 10k steps every single day. I can do what I want and still feel good about what I am doing.

  • This is the first time I disagree with her.
    For some people these things come very naturally.
    Other people have other gifts.
    If we struggle in an area it’s actually beneficial to learn from others’ who seem to have got it right.
    That can shorten the process for everyone because we don’t have to learn the hard way through trial and error.

    It is right to do what you are doing BUUUTTTT… if it’s not creating results… learn from another!! 🥰

  • I’m unsuscribing. I follow this channel because I love to workout. I don’t listen to these shorts. I want a good workout. I’m bummed and disappointed. 😞😞😞😞😞

  • Me again.. Pahla, your workout videos are like working out with a friend. They are great for our balance, our muscles, our bones, hearts, lungs and minds… This is a great loss. All this motivational talk just doesn’t do it. I’ve lost my workout friend and you have lost a subscriber.

  • You are so right! I also wanted to say how every colour of sweater or top you wear in your videos looks beautiful on you. Have a great weekend. 💞

  • Thank you, Pahla! I do enjoy using my housework as my workouts, especially when I stretch up to the top shelves in the cabinets and anything that helps me move and stretch my muscles. Yard work is great for workouts as well. Keep being you, Pahla!

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